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N/A: if I don't call 2p!Russia or 2p!Canada by the right name text me and I'll fix it... 2p!Alaska/Angel 2p!Siberia/Nikki 2p!Barbados/Rachel 2p!Moscow/Moon... 2p!Alaska calls 2p!America shit stain cuz she can also 2p!Siberia has a Russian accent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2p!Barbados: Angel it's for you -reads question-

2p!Alaska, how did you fall in love with 2p!Canada? @PuertoRico_chan@

2p!Moscow: Da sis you never told me how you too hooked up

2p!Canada: do we have to tell them? *playing with 2p!Alaska's hair*

2p!Siberia: *ice aura* no but you'll meet my spiked rolling pin

2p!Alaska: *sitting on 2p!Canada's lap* I've always loved him ever seen we first met *looks at 2p!Moscow&2p!Siberia* it's quite funny how we hooked up before I started dating Mathieu he thought I was dating Allan unbelievable as it sounds

2p!Canada: *clears throat* when we first met I'd fallen for her

2p!Siberia: quite literally remember Moon?

2p!Moscow: oh ya on valentines day

2p!Alaska: remember when you we're walking towards me you tripped

2p!Canada: shut up

2p!Alaska: and you had chocolates all over your face clothes *trying hard not to laugh*

2p!Siberia: then after you asked if she'd go out with you?

2p!Moscow: and I was recording *evil grin*

2p!Canada: -_- probably most embarrassing question ever

2p!Alaska: *kisses 2p!Canada's cheek* it was the thought that count

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