Cards Against Humanity

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A/N: ok this oc Grenada and i wanted to include her.


Grenada: bonjour wonderful readers~ today we're going to play cards against humanity suggested by Romano for his Chanel

England: the rules are 1. Who has the funniest cards win 2. We'll draw a card and read it 3. The Judge is Romano 4. It says four, but we're just doing one on one 4. Who ever loses must take a shot of spontaneous combustion while singing waking up in Vages by Katy Perry

Grenada: *hold white cards* I'm gonna win

England: *holdong white cards* you wish

Romano: *reads black card* papa, why-a is mama-a fricking crying-a?

England: *draws white card* cuz of.... *face gets red* B-Big Ben

Grenada: *clears throat* zhe Chinese gymnaztic team

Romano: point-a England. *draws another black card* the school-a trip was-a complete fricking-a ruined by-a?

Grenada: *draws another white card* insest!!

England: why bloodily

Grenada: can I change?! *draws again* Poland!!!! Hehe

England: dirty nappies

Grenada: what's zhat

Romano: point-a Grenada

Grenada: *smug grin*

England: aww what?!

Romano: ten-a points to-a griffandoor bitch-a

England: *takes black Card* a romantic dinner wouldn't be complete without?. *draws white* a gentle caress at the inner thigh?

Grenada: *draws white* tinkling a little bit

England+Grenada: *laugh a little*

Grenada: mines better

Romano: fine-a. Point-a Grenada. *takes Black* white-a people like-a?

England: *takes white* child beauty pageants

Grenada: *takes white* panda whoohoo~

Romano: Point-a Grenada

England: fudge

Grenada: aha!

Romano: *quickly takes black* it's-a a trap-a?

England: Dath Vader! *throws card on table*

Romano: *mutters* your-a both lame-a

England: nah

Romano: fine-a England

Grenada: hey!

Romano: what's-a the most-a emo?

Grenada: *puts card down on floor* puberty

England: that's really offensive Grenada

Grenada: I'm just playing zhe game

Romano: Grenada earns-a point

Romano: what-a would France find-a disturbing, yet-a oddly charming-a?

Grenada: Sean Connery

England: triple nibble!!!!!

Grenada: wow France anyzhing

Romano: point-a England

Romano: in-a Michael Jackson's final-a moment, he-a though about-a?

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