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Russia: I'm afeard everyone will leave me one day *goes to Ciela's sad corner(P.s I when my dad would mentally abuse me I would go to a corner a lot) *drinks 50 bottles vodka*

Admin: France this is you


Ciela: don't you dare, I know that look!!!

France: *runs away streaking around in Alaska's only maximal high prison area* HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT MONSTER LOOK BUT CANT TOUCH!!!!!! *seductive poses at Prison chief Alaska*

Admin: England what's your problem *drawing pictures instead of writing everything down*

England: everyone left me first America then Alaska next Canada, Hong Kong, Barbados, Seychelles, I think Singapore wouldn't even come to me neither would her sister when I India showed them, my brothers would shoot at me anytime they saw me, everyone hates my cooking ;/\; *cries grossly in corner alongside drunk Russia cooking mushrooms* I burned it again ;A;

Admin: hm hum Ok Prussia

Prussia: zhat I'm so awesome zhe vorld vould be destroyed cuz I'm just zhat awesome

Gilbird: piyo piyo

Admin: e.e Japan

Japan: peopre think i have too much yaoi

Admin: wow ok Hungary

Hungary: I go over board on Yaoi sometimes *whispers* on reading PruHun or SwissAust(sry if miss spelled)*

Admin: you ship that too, what else?!

Hungary: every zhing of course *pulls out 209939939399 Yaoi manga* vant to go read zhem?

Admin+Hungary: *squeal with happiness*

Everyone expect France cuz he got arrested by Alaska: 0-0

Admin+Hungary: *fangirling like crazy*

Everyone: um the intervention?

Admin: Frudge this crap *throws notepad and pencil at Germany* DO IT YOURSELF YOU DONGISE I'M OUT PEACE

Hungary+admin: *make a dramatic exit and leave to read hardcore Yaoi and fanfics*

Prussia: *puts on reading glasses and combs hair back like Germany's* so I'm jour new vhatever

Everyone else: e.e really

Gilbird: I'm *pulls out gun* I'm the bird

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