Who's butt is better

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~first try~

Spain+Sardinia: *bending* *spain wearing all pink while look the other way*

England: *walks by*

Sardinia: England who's butt is-a bigger?

England: um I'd have to say *points to left butt* that one has alittle more texture *squeezes it* and nice feel too

Spain: *turns around* thanks


Sardinia: haha your face

England: *Runs away*

~Second try~

Sardinia+Spain: *leaning on wall*

Germany: *walks buy and taps left butt*

Spain: *turns around* you just touched my ass!

Germany: vhat no I didn't

Sardinia: Sì you-a did I-a saw you!

Germany: jou need more squats Spain

Spain: really?, ok *starts doing butt squats*

~Third try~

Spain: *kneels down and stretches like a cat with butt in air*

Sardinia: hey-a Fratello who's-a butt is-a sexier?

Italy: *examines it closly* hmm.. *looks at Sardinia's and compares it* I-a would say-a this is-a the one-a next to you-a

Spain: *does butt check flex* I knew it!

Italy: o-o oh-a ok *runs away to Slovenia and Germany*

Sardinia: *looks at own butt then Spain's* your-a right

Spain: if you want your butt bigger do flexes *starts doing flexes*

~fourth try~

Spain: *wall twerking*

Sardinia: *tries but fails*

Romano: what-a are you-a doing?

Sardinia: twerking what-a else

Romano: *looks at Spain* I know-a that you-a

Spain: fudge

Romano: your-a weirdo

Sardinia: *tries wall twerking again* hey I-a got it-a *falls*

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