New Report

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Greenland and Denmark: *sit on the couch*

Denmark: *turns on tv to new* wonder what's on the new today
~On Tv~

Admin+Amaya: *sitting at desk*

Amaya: *points to tv that shows Iceland in hand cuffs* so in today's new, an Icelandic man was arrested for masturbating furiously into a homeowners refrigerator; homeowners seeking therapy.

Admin: I can see why

Amaya: Ashley would you like to read the other one?

*tv switching to Sweden in hand cuffs and being escorted to a cop car*

Admin: also in today's new, a Swedish man, was placed under assert for public indecency when *giggles* dropping his pants in a IKEA furniture store within Denmark *giggles again* and rubbing his genitalia all over discount items.

Amaya: *laughing*

Admin: ok next up

*pic of Norway pops up*

Admin: *points to pic of Norway* A Norwegian man enters a hospital after attempting to use butter as *laughs* lubricant

Greenland: *turns tv off* o-ok

Denmark: I wanna try that last one

Greenland: no

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