Singlish VS English

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A/N: i found this video funny as heck all cedit go to VONGSAGON BOONSAWAT for this idea and singlish.
Britain+America: *dial Singapore's phone*
*9:10am in Singapore City*

Singapore: *answers phone* ar lo?

America: hello auntie ar?

Singapore: arrrrrrrr?

America: Eh errrrr this is Vernon again ar.... I.. I.. Need to do another party again ar can i order food from you guys?

Singapore: wat u wan ar?

America: wats the menu ar this weekened?

Singapore: arr.. This week ar? Hmm Fly rice and... Beef fly rice

America: i like fried rice

Singapore: errrr.... U wan err... Chicken kail?

England: *trying hard not to laugh*

America: ya ya chicken curry is good

England: *still trying not to laugh*

Singapore: got also the Nasi Lemak all you want ar

America: ya.. Ya.. Em its going 2 b a big party. Wat kind of drinks can you give is auntie?

Singapore: drinks erm... U we haf de flu joos

England: *trying very hard not to laugh*

Singapore: we haf but lops we also haf soft drink like Cock

England+America: *laughing loudly*

America: sorry wat drink is that?

Singapore: cock

England: woo..

Singapore: medium cock also got!

England: *covering mouth*

Singapore: big cock also got! Which one you wan?

England: *chuckles*

Singapore: also can... Can can 3 cock for price of wan! I give u ar...

England: *about to fall out of chair

Singapore: i give u like that ar

America: hehe wow. What a great heart

Singapore: so

America: i sill take that laa

Singapore: which one? Small one?

America: no... Actully i got a lot of people

Singapore: actually u get the medium 30cents more i give you big cock

America: 30cents more for the

England: *dying of laughter*

America: ok.. Ya i think i need the big one

Singapore: arrrr you need the big one ar?

America: but Antie is your the real thing?

England: jeus christ man

Singapore: you need big one ar? Nice to drink anot

England: *still on floor laughing*

Singapore: AI YA!!! of coz bery nice one la no need to worry ar

America: erm... When can u deliver the drink?

Singapore: you tell me the food how many? The cock also how many i give u

America: ok... Thanks auntie confirm again later then i call you again
*hangs up phone*

Singapore: *goes to sleep again* idoits

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