My OCs soon metioned

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ZN/A: here's some of my OC's that will be included throughout my story. if they're bold it means they're done but I cut it down to something shorter for you to read..

1. Honduras

Physically: Honduras has olive skin and long somewhat curly brown hair, with emerald colored eyes, and a loving smile. Her most common outfit is a dark blue milita uniform with a loose Honduran flag garter around her left arm and dark drown milita high heeled boots with visible black laces.
Like Prussia, Honduras in many photo's with a female Scarlet Macaw named Lempira resting either upon her shoulder or sometimes in a handbag if Honduras if holding one.

Name: Valencia Esparza Santana
Age: 18
Height: 5'ft 9in"
Birthday: September 15
Language: Spanish, Honduran sign langauge, Garifuna, Creole English, Mayangna, Mískito, Sumu, Pech, Jicaque, Ch'orti', Ch'olti, Lenca (may be dead to her people but she still does... So she wont forget Cheif Lempira), Tol
Crush: Romano, Georgia[state] and Puerto Rico{my friend Amaya's oc}
Weapons: 2 beretta brigadier .40
2. Sardinia

Physically: Sardinia has wavy dark brown, hazel eyes.
Like Sardinia's brothers she has wild long curl facing downwards that rest towards the right side that acts like her erogenous zone. She wears a blue WWII italian military uniform(skirt instead of breeches), a tan shirt and tie, and black boot.

Name: Arietta Vargas
Age: 18
height: 5'ft 6"
Language: Italian
Birthday: unknown
Relatives: Italy and Romano's younger sister.
Crush: Switzerland
Birthday: March 18
Weapon: Akaal Sardinian knife or guns
3. Slovenia

Physically: Slovenia has blue-green colored eyes and wavy long brown hair. She usually wears a slovene military uniform or if casual she can be seen wearing a top with a long chic necklace, black skater skirt, knee high black stocking and medium heel boots.

Name: Štefánia Klemenčič
height: 5ft' 6in"
Language: Slovene, serbo-Croatian
Birthday: October 27
Crush: unknown
Weapon: violin case
*habit: calling Austria her brother*
4. Malaysia[don't have a lot on her yet]
Physically: Malaysia has long straight black hair just past her shoulders, honey colored eyes.
Most of the time Malaysia is seen wearing a Malaysian mitilia uniform or a royal guard uniformn, but, if not you can catch her wear jeans, slip-ons, and a blouse.
Human name: Sylvia Faizah
Age: 20
height: 5' 7"
Birthday: August 31
Languages: Malay, English, Chinese dialects{Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow} Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjab, Thai: several other indigenous langauges (including Iban, Kadazan) in East Malaysia
crush: HK
Relative: Indonesia(eldest) Singapore(yongest)
Weapon: Spiked Kunai (throwing knifes)
5. Singapore

Physically: Singapore has medium length black hair and amber eyes like topaz, slender body. Normally she can be seen in a ww1 Singaporean Militia uniform if at a meeting but, when not she usually is wearing faded skinny jeans{black belt}, white beanie, red&white top and alongside jeans and red converse shoes with red laces.

Name: Alicia Faizah
height: 5'ft 2in" - 5'ft 3in"
Age: 19
Birthday: August 9
Language: Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Tamil, other Chinese dialects, other
Crush: Cyprus, Greece
Relative: Indonesia(eldest) Malaysia(same age)
weapon: Chinese wushu razor chain whips
Nickname: waldow{when dressed casual} Singapura(sisters call her that) or Songbird{Prussia came up with it}

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