I Have to Make Him Laugh! by biscuitsorceress
I Have to Make Him Laugh!by Annamarie
Roderich Edelstein was always a sickly child growing up. With no other options available to them, Roderich's parents decided the only other thing to do was to move acros...
  • ship
  • pruaus
  • angstwithhappyending
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Nation Mental Hopispal by gamingandanimegal
Nation Mental Hopispalby gamingandanimegal
Title. Can be Hetalia, Countryballs, SATW, or just make one up, like I did with Country Star.
  • country
  • hetalia
  • mentalhospital
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Hetalia: The 2p sister by Swimmer101Rose2
Hetalia: The 2p sisterby Swimmer101Rose2
The countries have discovered a new island. But this island is already 150 years old. What will they find and what will happen when the 2ps are involved.
  • greece
  • france
  • america
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The Tale: A Collision of Two Worlds (A Hetalia Story) by QueenCake123456789
The Tale: A Collision of Two World...by QueenCake123456789
Louis lived a fairly decent life with just him and his single mother, until a couple of mistakes later ended him up with a new job in the castle and a friendship with a...
  • awfulwrittingbyyourstruly
  • hetalia
  • littlebitofromance
Hetalia headcanons by anastasiaplisetski
Hetalia headcanonsby Random Otaku
My headcanons~
  • hetalia
Nuevos Tiempos by Quimina
Nuevos Tiemposby Quimina
Este es un fic que se me ocurrió luego de los sucesos hechos en Siria, fue algo rapido que hice a las apuradas hace un tiempo, asi que si hay algun error narrativo u ort...
  • francia
  • hetalia
  • francis
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El Corazón De Un Matador | A SpaBel fanfic by SpainsAss
El Corazón De Un Matador | A SpaBe...by SpainsAss
In a small Spanish town, Girls swooned and we're sent into euphoria over the famous matador, Antonio Fernández Carriedo. Everyone wanted a piece of him, especially Bel...
  • hetalia
  • aphbelgium
  • fanfiction
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Kuro x Amelia texts by APH_Fem_America
Kuro x Amelia textsby Amelia Jones
texts between Kuro and Amelia
  • hetalia
  • nyotalia
  • america
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Za Jeden Uśmiech || RomChi by _Sugar-
Za Jeden Uśmiech || RomChiby ''Z a r a z'' w r a c a m.
Shot na zamówienie ~ @Chiya_aph
  • oc
  • chiya
  • hetalia
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Love in the Coffee Shop by ViraJackson
Love in the Coffee Shopby ViraJacksonWrites
Feliciana Vargas is a coffee-lover Italiana who successfully built her first coffee shop in Berlin. Once she opened a job vacancy for dessert makers, a handsome blonde G...
  • nyotalia
  • aph
  • gerxnyoita
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Within Webs  by GevTheStar314
Within Webs by Gevalia Torres
Original au by ask-aph-fruk on Tumblr. The following story may contain sensitive material and graphic content. Read at your own risk. ----------------------------- After...
  • slighthorror
  • fantasy
  • action
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Home Ice Advantage (An AmeCan Fanfiction) by frozen_over
Home Ice Advantage (An AmeCan Fanf...by frozen_over
When Alfred's not playing hockey he's filling the emptiness in his chest with alcohol. Even with his vast riches, he can't overcome the loneliness. People saw his life a...
  • anime
  • hetalia
  • amecan
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♡ Lovely~ ♡ (France's daughter) by TheMagicWriter25
♡ Lovely~ ♡ (France's daughter)by America's Sis
France, the country of love and passion. Other wise known as Francis Bonnefoy, a man of flirtatious and perverted remarks, red roses, and wine. One day he was given his...
  • romance
  • france
  • hetalia
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Romano in an Apron by 34iceway
Romano in an Apronby naomi martin
Hey people! Imagine Romano and Antonio in a kitchen; one has an apron on the other had glistening arms. It is from the POV from a random mother of their daughter's frien...
  • oneshot
  • fluff
  • aph
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The Man With The Purple Eyes (Hetalia Fan fiction) by kutiemewgirl
The Man With The Purple Eyes (Heta...by Taryn Mickey
Alfreds twin brother, Matthew died when he was nineteen. Now years later he and his childhood crush, Kiku, has adopted a child. How in the world will they explain who th...
  • âu
  • human
  • angst
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Hetalia One-Shots by mysteryfood13
Hetalia One-Shotsby Mystery Food 13
Don't worry, you can read this even if you don't know what Hetalia is. It's mostly cute fluffy stuff. Just imagine the names are different or something. ▽ "Ahoy the...
  • no-smut
  • rochu
  • one-shots
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2p!America x Reader : You're Not My Boyfriend by Post-Moe
2p!America x Reader : You're Not M...by Post-Moe
Your boyfriend's father seems a little too obsessed with you. Maybe this was a bad idea after all...
  • allen
  • allenljones
  • aph
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Wearing The Scars Of Our Age by CoffeePiano
Wearing The Scars Of Our Ageby SaltyGoose
Aurora is one of the oldest personifications there is, the personification of Alaska. Ivan (Russia) raised her from a child, but had to give her to Alfred (America), kno...
  • americahetalia
  • historical
  • familymatters
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LOVINO x Reader ( oneshot )  by Rui-chii
LOVINO x Reader ( oneshot ) by Rui-chii
  • hetalia
  • lovinovargas
  • romano
Lost Memory (Canada X reader) by TheMagicWriter25
Lost Memory (Canada X reader)by America's Sis
A young girl named Macie was in a awful car crash. She survived, but she had amnesia. She couldn't remember anything about her life. What happens if she runs away? Who w...
  • canada
  • canadaxreader
  • hetalia
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