The Rain's Sentinel (Hetalia x reader) by quetheheck
The Rain's Sentinel (Hetalia x re...by quetheheck
After running away from your abusive mother, you are found by a Brit known as Arthur Kirkland. He takes you in and cares for you once he learns of your past, and now you...
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Her Voice || Hetalia Bully Au by XHeyItzMindyX808
Her Voice || Hetalia Bully Auby M I N - C H A N
❝Can't you see it in her eyes? She's completely broken.❞ In which, a girl named (Y/n) Lee gets tormented and bullied in her collage. She was confused at first but then...
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I'm Fine by SaveNikita
I'm Fineby Nikata
Alfred F. Jones, aka America. He is known to be loud, obnoxious, and some say annoying. People forget he is a young nation and throw insults at him. He just puts on a sm...
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2p Hetalia One Shots by sydann11
2p Hetalia One Shotsby Miss Grimdark
One shots for the 2p Hetalia characters! I hope you enjoy! Sorry but requests are closed {Copyright stuff: I do not own 2p Hetalia or you. I don't own the pictures eith...
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April fools day Hetalia x Reader by Jada-Star
April fools day Hetalia x Readerby Jada-Star
*these short stories are based off of the April fools day episode in the anime and the manga of Hetalia. There will be different chapters for different countries.* If yo...
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Loving the World (Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios) by NecessaryCringe
Loving the World (Hetalia Boyfrien...by NecessaryCringe
Well would you look at that, it's another Hetalia Boyfriend Scenario book... Lemme tell you, we have a heck of a lot of characters here. This book contains a fair amount...
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Fetish/Kink Hetalia x Chubby Reader by albino-otaku
Fetish/Kink Hetalia x Chubby Readerby Moved to Ao3.
A book of stories featuring various kinks and fetishes into reader-inserts. (NSFW 18+) +Read Me+ All stores have been previously posted on Tumblr, Quotev and Ao3. Wattpa...
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Kinky Country : A Hetalia x Reader - You can See Where this is Going~ by Post-Moe
Kinky Country : A Hetalia x Reader...by Post-Moe
I wanted to do a 2p!Hetalia series where Reader is Kidnapped or something and made to follow through with their fetishes, but then I found this sight about the top 10 Co...
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Hetalia boyfriend scenarios  by CjKirklandJones
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios by CjKirklandJones
Title says it all. The countrys in this book will be The Allies The Axis The 2ps More information is on the first chapter. Nothing belongs to me except plot ⚠️REQUEST...
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Yandere Hetalia x Reader by Furrbaby
Yandere Hetalia x Readerby Total_Dom
Give me a country, tell me if you want it to be an X Reader or X country. I don't own Hetalia. I have these one-shots for males as well, so feel free to use Male OC's if...
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Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven by NorthAmericanSisters
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Madeline and Amelia
YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will hap...
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Anime Pick Up Lines by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Linesby ♛ チェルシー
~Wanna know how to be smooth like me? Then use these pick up lines. Lol. -this book has been completed *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 2 is out now!!!!!*
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Uke!France (NSFW) by MCookieM
Uke!France (NSFW)by Gabija
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) one shots of porn I just want to get better in writing sex scenes so this is a short one-shot book
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Her country Hetalia x Reader by --ErzaScarlet--
Her country Hetalia x Readerby Erza Scarlet
The country of (Country name) Is a large nation just below Greece and Italy. Of course, like all the nations, they have a personification: Her name is Y/n.
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Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons by KellyJellyNomNom
Various X Reader OneShots + Lemonsby KellyJellyNomNom
Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a charact...
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Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetaliaby silverthornes
So what's it like to have a boyfriend? Especially if they are the personifications of countries? Let's find out! Feel free to request and comment. Character requests clo...
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2p! Hetalia Scenerios by Angeline_Loveheart
2p! Hetalia Sceneriosby Angel_Loveheart
These are just little Scenerios I found online and wanted to share them with you guys. Hope you enjoy~ P.s. all credit goes to the original owners of these scenerios.
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Gay by Total_Trashh
Gayby Levi's baby~
A bunch of gay ass pictures for all you fan girls and boys Love you ??
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Roadtrip?! Hetalia x Reader by That_Weirdo_one
Roadtrip?! Hetalia x Readerby Emma
COMPLETED BOOK 1 *Tries to think cool quote from the book* 》"Yeah it really is beautiful" He said. "And now you are supposed to say some cheesy pick-up li...
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Character x Male!Reader by Choco_Bananas
Character x Male!Readerby Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Coming this (insert whatever season it is right now): A radically awesome one shot series about you! *Points at reader* But wait! There's more! Not only are you, well...
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