2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by -litttle-princess-
2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby -litttle-princess-
A Boyfriend Scenarios book of all your favorite 2ps! These are reader inserts and they will contain some adult themes and profanity. But if you can get passed that Enjo...
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New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Reader by RoseFiammotta
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Readerby rose
She really thought it was just going to be a small package or maybe even a small box, but she really didn't expect two life changing crates... 2p!Hetalia X Reader Cover...
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Hetalia:The Pearl Of The Orient Seas [Book I] by lady_airish
Hetalia:The Pearl Of The Orient Se...by Coffee Addict
[2P!Hetalia:The Forbidden Love Of Clara and Hetalia:The Tale Of Maria] I can't think a fine description , Sorry. But Have fun reading! :D Highest Rank in Fanfiction #164...
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Hetalia One Shots (CLOSED - DUE TO OPEN AGAIN SOON) by AutocraticDucat
Hetalia One Shots (CLOSED - DUE TO...by Lux
REQUESTS CLOSED Some one shots for Hetalia! ♡I'll write requests for♡ Any!Hetalia x Any!Reader Any!Hetalia x Any!OC Any!Hetalia OC x Any!Reader If you are unsure whether...
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HetaOni (Hetalia x Reader x 2P! Hetalia) by flamehazelollipop
HetaOni (Hetalia x Reader x 2P! He...by flamehazelollipop
You've watched the videos, played the games, and have known how it all plays out... But what if you were part of it? What if you were given the chance to be with you...
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The States! by Kcrocks1987
The States!by Kari Camp
When America gets a call during a meeting and looks a little worried ,others wonder just wonder just why, and when Someone comes bursting through the meeting doors with...
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The Rain's Sentinel (Hetalia x reader) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by ThistleSoap
The Rain's Sentinel (Hetalia x rea...by ThistleSoap
After running away from your abusive mother, you wind up in the care of Arthur, a mysterious bachelor with a soft spot for your dire situation. With your newfound stabil...
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USUK oneshots by hannahadams1000
USUK oneshotsby ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. USUK forever!!!
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The 6th Nordic by unknown_unicorn666
The 6th Nordicby Unknown
Where am I? The little girl sat up, snow crunching under her as she does. She stands up and pats the snow off of her coat, then starts walking in a random direction, l...
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Hetalia Daddy-Daughter Preferences by KissDaCheeseCake
Hetalia Daddy-Daughter Preferencesby KissDaCheesecake
What the title says Characters -Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt) -Italy (Feliciano Vargas) -Japan (Kiku Honda) -America (Alfred F. Jones) -England (Arthur Kirkland) -Canada...
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Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Request...by Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
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Fandom Husband by Lost156
Fandom Husbandby fℓυffу
Imagine your favorite anime character as your husband. [Don't own any pictures]
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The Inauguration by HighlighterGreen
The Inaugurationby I, Procrastination
Trump's just been elected President of the USA. So many plans, and only four years to do it. He knows Obama isn't happy with the results, so why does he look so smug at...
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The Disappearance of England | Hetalia Fanfic | by ShootingStarlite
The Disappearance of England | Het...by Starlite
During a World Meeting, countries noticed that the personification of England didn't attend. Most of them brushed it off thinking that he was just sick or didn't feel li...
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Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Story by twilrightNight
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Storyby Asuka-Chi
"Dreams are viewing windows to reality" You never understood it but it had always been what you had lived by. Maybe it meant whatever you dream of will be of...
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The Box at her Door (Chibi!Hetalia x Reader) by The_Painted_Rose
The Box at her Door (Chibi!Hetalia...by Diantha Marie
(Name) was a young lady who lives on her own. She works at a cafe and babysits from time to time as well. But, if there's one thing certain, she simply loves anime, one...
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2p! Hetalia x Reader Lemons (Requests closed) by MissNocturn
2p! Hetalia x Reader Lemons (Reque...by b o o
They're lemons for all of your country loving needs
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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by abcdefaggot
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby A.A. Secret
It's just too much pressure.
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The Secrets Hidden Within The Dairies Of The Nations by ColdHeartedLake
The Secrets Hidden Within The Dair...by ColdHeartedLake
The Ancients have become increasingly worried for the Nations of the world. It pains them greatly to see their children suffering in silence, so they have devised a plan...
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Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend Scenarios (Undergoing Edits) by AngelCloudWolf
Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life]...by Aninayrt
Ah~ Hetalia boys... We all love them. Wouldn't it be great if one of them were your boyfriend? Well, now you have it! Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend Sc...
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