when Hedervary sisters dont sleep

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A/N: me and my friend we're talking a both this plus Slovakia when slap happy doesn't realize what she's saying so also I made the end with the help of Jenna

Hungary: so vhat are jou going to dream about?

Slovakia: I don't know

Hungary: vell I'm dreaming about Prussia

Slovakia: vhat about zhe 5meters of pure awesomeness?

Hungary: no

Slovakia: hm vounder vhat Russia vould look like in a zhong(thong)?

Hungary: no vhat Germany vould look like...

Hungary+Slovakia: *start imaging*

Hungary: ok enough vith zhe zhong(thong)

Slovakia: oh it's like zhey get into a argument over vho's is bigger

Slovakia: *mimics Germany voice* "vell I have zhe Berlin Wall" "vell I have zhe 5meter" Prussia protests

Hungary: jou can dream about zhat but I'm going to dream about Prussia

Slovakia: Germany's bigger but still China's is probably only tiny bit smaller

Hungary: I zhink it is

Slovakia: "vell I have a 7 and so on" Germany boats back

Hungary: i swear to zhe god of Gilbert

Slovakia: it's like Prussia vears a pink sparkly zhong(thong) to zhe meeting and someone pants him

Hungary: shaddup *starts looking up Prussia pic on ipod*

Slovakia: jou looking up Prussia in a zhong(thong)?

Hungary: really just really

Slovakia: jou looking up Prussia's size compared to Russia?

Hungary: mmm not impressed

Slovakia: image Germany twerking zhen zhe Berlin vall falls out but he starts fapping instead?

Hungry: uhhhhhh zhat is zhe worst picture stop it jou weirdo

Slovakia: jou saw it right big sis? *starts rolling off bed*

Hungary: ja I did and now I'm going to dream about zhat so just stop now before jou hurt yourself

Slovakia: China's great vall is bigger can't jou just see it? It's marvelous just like Ukraine vearing a skimpy bikini

Hungary: actually the berlin vall is bigger but China's probably 2st place

Slovakia: don't jou vish Prussia vould take jour vital regions in a zhong(thong)

Hungary: if you don't stop talking about zhon(thongs) I will cut all your underwire into thongs in clouding the ones your wareing

Slovakia: jour just jelly cuz jou vant zhat 7meters I might 6 *falls out of bed* ZHONG(thong)

Hungary: zhats is vhat jou get and if jou ceep saying zhong(thong) I vill add a pair each time

Slovakia: image Canada vearing a pancake zhong(thong) vhile riding on a stripper my little pony America *starts picturing it vividly* omg

Hungary: zhats it one pair do jou vant me to call France he vould love zhis chat and take jour virginty too!

Slovakia: Spain vearing a zhong(thong) vith zhat Spanish ass, balls fapping oh man zhat Spanish ass

Hungary: two now, I already have zhe picture of thongs, ve don't need flapping balls and Spain's ass, vill jou wax my vagina, France is coming over

Slovakia: *singing* I can see jour hole vag it is prickly and smelly *leaves wearing only t-shirt and underwear and goes to Romania*

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