Jingle Bells

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My version of Jingle Bells
Admin: dashing through the f*cking snow
Cunt get f*cking out of my way
I'll blow you down with my big a$$ sleigh
Oh jingle bells
Cunt you burn in hell
You're a sh*t that never goes away
I'll trip you in the hall
watch you take the fall
And giggles while a fad into the crowd
*throws down mic epically*
Romano: *best singing voice ever* dashing through-a the snow-a
Get the-a f*ck out-a my way-a
Goddamn you-a slow as-a f*ck
Jesus-a, how much-a do you-a f*cking weight-a?!
Oh jingle-a bells
Burn-a in hell-a
You're the-a bane of-a my day-a
I'll slash-a your f*cking-a tires
Set-a your house-a on fire-a
And laugh-a as I-a run away-a

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