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Sleep talking

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Austria: *muttering in sleep* I wanna fuck a Prussian flag

Prussia+Hungary: *stop making PruHun*

Prussia: o-o

Hungary: ?

Austria: *still sleep muttering* it's gunna be hard fuck

Prussia: vhat ze fuck?

Hungary: *walks over butt naked to sleeping Austria* vell he's asleep

Austria: *stil sleep mumbling* am gunna cum all over the room

Prussia+Hungary: 0-0

Austria: *sleep mumbling* all over Hungary's bed *turns* I'll jerk off all the damn night

Prussia: NIEN, ZHE HELL AUSTRIA!!!!! 0-0

Hungary: *bucks behind butt naked Prussia* shit don't wake him

Austria: *wakes up* can we have a 3 some?

Hungary: only Prussia and me *chucks frying pan at Austria*

Austria: *knocked out*

Prussia+Hungary: *start making hardcore PruHun*

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