Flappy Bird

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A/N: flappy bird can even get the most calm nations mad and don't believe me just read. Ok they swear in their own native language and by reading the sentence you can guess what they're saying
~At Siberia's~

Siberia: oh Russia left his iPhone7 on *picks it up* Flappy Bird? *hits play* easy enough

*makes noise*

Siberia: I've got this *taps screen*

*makes noise*

Siberia: I've, I've got this *taps to high*

*makes noise*

Siberia: what the hell man?!

*taps the screen hard*
Siberia: Come on! 😤
*raging noise*

Siberia: 😡 DAMN IT!! *taps screen as hard as possible*

Siberia: What the поиметь going on?!?! *bird falls* *screams* NOOOOOO! *throws IPhone7 at wall and leaves to get food* I'm done with this pile of дерьмо!!! I'm never playing it AGAIN!!!!, it'd retarded just like everything else on that crappy phone!!

~At Russia's~

Russia: Huh? It seems Siberia has forgotten her phone. *swipes on* What flappy bird?
*taps screen*

Russia: aww it's so cute

*makes hit noise*
Russia: what happened? *taps again*
*makes failing noise*

Russia: 😤 that didn't even hit! *taps start*

*makes failing noises*

Russia: this is Jacked man *taps harder* please bird I won't hit you with my-.....
*makes noise*

Russia: oh for F*ck sake! *taps hard*
*makes failing noise*

Russia: kolkolkolkolkol~~~~~ *taps hard as possible*
*makes failing noise*

Russia: 😡 *throws phone a crossed room, phone screen shatters and cracks* stupid piece of crap! goddammit Vietnam why are your people such idiot?! *picks up broken phone* where's America's phone so I can download flappy bird again
~At Norway's~

Norway: Greenland wanted me to play this *takes Denmark's phone* *hits play* seems easy
*makes failing noise*

Norway: ok *hits play again* this is going-...
*falls down to the ground right after hitting play*

Norway: great *taps play hard*
*doesnt even make it pass first pipe*

Norway: (3x) f*ck deg
*gets four but, hits fourth pipe*

Norway: why is this so hard?, *hits play* omg omg omg omg *hits fifth pipe
*hits fifth pipe*

Norway: *hits play*
*fail noise*

Norway: nooooo I was so happy. I'm not leaving till I beat Denmark! (P.s Denmark's score is 6)

*gets to second pipe but fails*
Norway: Oh for the sake of humanity! *throws phone out the window* *cussing in Norwegian*

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