Flappy Bird Prt2

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A/N: today we have grumpy Germany and frumpy Slovenia. Also Slovenia lived with Germany when Austria went to live there. Im not sure how Slovenians accents are but I think they are kinda like Germans.
~At Germany's(10:am in German time)~

Italy: *still sleeping*

Slovenia: *walks into Germany's room with only pj shorts on and a tank top* Germany, vhat dumbass game are jou planning to play now?

Germany: I'm going to play a game Dong Ngyuyen from Vietnam made called Flappy bird. I heard its a really addicting and fun game to play. Plus I vant to beat Prussia's score of 69 so he'll stop bragging

Slovenia: *sits next Germany on his bed* but Germany, zhis game is really hard and don't forgot it'll make jou rage

Germany: Dammit Slovenia! Vhy say zhat?

Slovenia: *awns* I've play zhis before zhats vhy

Germany: Slovenia! I don't care if jou suck butt vipes at zhis game! Now if jou object one more time I vill put a goddamn vig on jour shiny head!

Slovenia: zhen start zhe game

Germany: *hits start*

*bird falls to the ground right after play was hit*

Germany: zhe sh*t sausage? *hits start again*


Germany: NOOOO!!!

Slovenia: look vho's alveady sucking at Flappy Bird?

Germany: go sh*t jourself! *hits start again*😡

*gets 1 point and fails afterwards*

Germany: vhy is zhis game so goddamn hard? *taps start again*

*gets zero points*

Germany: I svear its rigged... *taps start harder*

Slovenia: don't blame zhe game just cuz jou suck at it clean freak.

Germany: shut zhe VURST up Slovenia!

*gets 0 point*

Germany: are jou fricking kidding me?!

🕐20 minutes Later(Germany and Slovenia go into the living room and sit on the

Germany: *gets 1 point* ZHIS GAME SUCKS MAJOR BALLS!!!!

Italy: dostiu, this-a game doesn't-a even look-a that hard-a

Germany: do jou really zhink zhis game is easy?

Italy: Sì

Germany: I'd like to see jou play it zhen!!

Slovenia: good luck~

🕝10 minutes later🕝

Italy: *gets 0 points* are you-a stinking kidding-a me

Slovenia: *stifling a giggle* good job Italy

Germany: zhis game doesn't seem so easy now does it?! Idiot!

*failing nosie*


Slovenia: *laughing her butt off*

Germany: vhy does he knock himself out everytime he gets pissed?

Austria: *walks in* Germany! I can't believe jour high score is only 1! Jou suck at zhis game! It looks so easy!

Germany: vell zhen vhy don't jou play zhis game and find out for jourself dumbass!!

Austria: Ok Germany! I vill play jou stupid game! *walks towards the kitchen*

Slovenia: over here brother

Austria: *sits down on the coach* hand it over! *takes phone* 😤

*fail sound*

Austria: *screams of rage can be heard even down in the basement*

Prussia: vhat in zhe heck *comes up stairs* hallo Slovenia

Slovenia: 😂 *trying to say hi back but laughing to hard*

Austria: *gets 2 points* VHAT ZHE FRICKING HELL IS ZHIS?! *taps play hard* 😡

*gets zero points*

Austria: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *taps Bird into another pipe* OH MY FRICKNG GOD!!! ZHIS GAME IS SO FRICKING ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

Slovenia+Prussia: *laughing their butts off*

Slovenia: *stomach hurts from laughing* I-I stop... Hahaha 😂

Austria: *scream of pure rage*

Slovenia: *rolls on the floor basically dying of laughter* 😂

Austria: *mighty Roars of Pure rage*

Prussia: *rollls on the floor next to Slovenia*

Germany: jou stink vorst zhen I do

Austria: I svear if I die in zhis goddamn game one more time, I'm going to hurt somebody and possibly smash zhis ipad over somebody's FAT head!!!!!!!!!

*gets 2 points but quickly fails*

Austria: *greatest scream known to man*AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH *Cussing loud as possible*

Italy+Germany: o.o

Prussia+Slovenia: *laughing so hard can't understand a word they're saying*

Austria: *throws ipad through wall*

Germany: my new iPad


Prussia+Slovenia: *still laughing*

Austria: *angry Austria scream and sassy walks out of livingroom*

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