Too Busy

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Japan+Singapore+Greece+Turkey: *doing cosplay Black Butler Cosplayy*

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: Sebastian

Japan/Male!Elizabeth: can i make everything yaoi Ciel?

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: Now where is sebastian with my earl grey?

Korea/Alois: *derping around* hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeelllllllllooooooooooooooooo

Greece/Sebastian: yes my lady

Turkey/Claudie: i could make better tea! *big fart noise*



Turkey/Claude: DAMN-CAT MAN!!!!!

Korea/Alosi: CIEL HOW DO MY BOOTY SHORTS LOOOOOOOOOK~~~~~~~~ *dancing like a faggot*

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: SEBASTIAN-... *starts laughing*

China: dangit aru this isnt a crack cosplay *stops recording-*

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: we trying Aru!
*****Take 2******
Singapore\Fem!Ciel: Sebastian i want earl gay

Greece/Sebastian: *hands Singapore earl grey* you mean Grey

Korea/Alois: ohhhhhhhhh CIEL

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: *spits tea out* oh for the queens sake!

Japan/Male!Elizabeth: e.e fudge this sh*t PEACE!

Korea/Alois: so Claude and i wanted to know if we i mean if i could play chess?

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: i'm busy

Korea/Alois: doing what

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: not caring

Korea/Alois: about what

Singapore/Fem!Ciel: not caring about you

Greece/Sebastian: ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap son!


China: e.e we're never going to get this right

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