Anyone care for a drink part

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🍻Had special stuff added for the nations more torrent to beer 🍻

America: am*hic* like a *hic* FRICKING QUEEN ALISA!!!?

France+Spain: *making out*

Germany: ADOLF *hiccup* HITLER!!!!!!!!!!! *flips table*

Romano+Antarctica: *making out in a closet*

Japan: *twerking like Miley Cyrus* I CAME IN RIKE A JAPAN *hiccup* BALL NEVER FEEER SAVE BECAUSE AM SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

England: *dancing around naked holding a bottle of wine*

Alaska: *to frighten to move from behind Russia*

Finland: *flipping off Vietnam*

Vietnam: FIN *hiccup* LAND AM GOIN TO BREAK YOUR *hiccup* HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Italy: *passed out on the floor*

Prussia: *trying to get to Alaska who is behind Russia* I AM AVESOMEE

Norway: *punching holes in the walls* DEN *hic* MARK YOU PRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iceland: *running around the room screaming with all his might* MARY OF NATIONAL FLAG OF JFK!!!

Greece: *dressed like a stripper* you know want me you know I want ya

Poland: *making love to a poster*

Lithuania+Belarus: *making out*

Latvia: *swinging on the lamp*

Switzerland: *singing* its a whole new *hiccup* world!

Liechtenstein: *shooting off Switzerland's gun* DONT BE SCARED LITTLE FARIES I JUST WANT TO SHOOT YOU TO HIGH *hiccup* HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crazy face*

Seychelles: *smacking Scotland with a swordfish* YOU STOLE MY PURITY *hiccup* YOU LITTLE RED HAIRED *HICCUP* FREAKISH EVERYTHING IN THE DICTIONARY SWEAR WORD EVER CREATED *hiccup* GIVE MY PURITY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotland: *getting hit with a swordfish* Lassie knock me block off ;D

Ireland+Admin: *singing wrecking ball*

Monaco: *sitting on the roof butt naked*

Africa: *smoking meth* haaay girrrls

India: *throwing up rainbows everywhere*

Australia: *hitting on Sweden*

Turkey: *getting beat up by Taiwan*

Taiwan: *beating up Turkey* DONT TOUCH *hiccup* MY FINE CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wy: *drinking 10gallon barrel of beer* I WANNA GET *hiccup* LAYED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D YAYAYAYAY *hiccup* BABIES COME FROM *hiccup* VAG'S!!!!!!!!!!

North Korea: *lighting up fireworks by the dozens* SET FIRE TO WORLD OF HETALIA!!!!!!!!!!

Sweden: *getting hit on by Australia*

Belgium: *dancing on a stripper pole* EVERYBODY *hiccup* BETTER LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denmark: *swinging and axe at the wall* YOU STOLE MY LIFE *hiccup* GIVE ME A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

Ukraine+Estonia: *making out in the hallway*

Romania: *streaking* AM HOT AND I KNOW * hiccup* BECAUSE AM JUST THAT WAY NODOBY UNDERSTANDS THAT AM *hiccup* LOVE YAOI AND EVERYTHING *hiccup* ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Roman Empire: *singing Barbie girl*

Germania: *pretending to be swimming* WATER NIGHT HOP IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austria: *smoking meth* nobody loves me am so fat ;_; *hiccup* why cant I be pretty!

Bulgaria: *throwing shit everywhere* make it rain chocolate!!!!!

Canada: *strip tease on a stripper pole with Belgium* EVERYONE IS MY CANADIAN B*TCH

Siberia: *uses ice magic so shit doesn't get on Hungary or Sealand or myself, recording everything with iPhone5* this is going to be awesome right Sealand :D

Sealand: total, right Hungary?

Hungary: yup :)

Sealand: post this vid on youtube >:D

Siberia: already did >:) revenge is so sweet

Hungary: what's going to happen when they become sober? :/

Siberia: never though of that.... who cares ^_^ this is still funny as heck *laughing*

Sealand: they'll *sniffle* yell at me *hugs Siberia and begins to cry*

Siberia: i'll protect you :)

Hungary: fine... I'll protect you too =_=

Sealand: :D really!?!

Hungary: don't push your luck -__-

Siberia: :) let's go before they come to there senses *hides video camera so it still can record while there gone*

Hungary+Sealand+Siberia: *climb up a tree and hide*

🕡Meanwhile back at the meeting all the country's come back to their senses and leave except🕡

America: 0_0 dude w-w-what happened?

England: WHERE IN GODS NAME ARE MY CLOTHES *throws beer bottles at France*

Romano: Antarctica did we just

Antarctica: yup.... >:( when did I all the beer bottles get here?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!!?!?

France: oh Spain?!

Spain: I hope you die falling off the state you of liberty >:[

Germany: frugo >:(

America: I DONT WANT HIM HERE.... SEND HIM TOO SIBERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Japan: why send him to Siberia-sun why not Russia?


Admin: and this is why nations shouldn't get beer

Alaska: well at lest I didn't drink everyone would have been frozen like Arendelle

Admin: good point

Admin+Alaska: Don't forget to Comment&Rate XD see you next chapter you wonderful readers

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