Mud fails

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Lithuania+Prussia: *dressed casually and swinging*

Hungary: ready? Set? Go!

Latvia: this isn't going to end well

Admin: do it for the vine

Prussia: *stops swing*

China: you can do it aru!

Lithuania: *continues swinging and starts leaning back* d-do i have to?

Admin: yes!

Belarus: you can do it Liet~

Lithuania: *leans farther back* i'm trying

Hungary: *high pitch scream* you're not going to make it!

Prussia: just flip!

Lithuania: *starting to fall* noooooooooo *manages to flip but slips on the mud and falls into it*

Everyone: *laughing*

Lithuania: *gets up* i'm now the mud monster!

Belarus: your side bwahahaha~

Prussia: jou suck

Admin: *nails it* ohhhhhhhhhh snap i won!

Everyon: *clapping*

Hungary: mine turn

Prussia: jou sure jou're awesome enough for zhis

Admin: challenge time xD

Hunagry: i'm totally awesome enough! *takes Lithuania's swing*

Lithuania: don't flip like i did

Hungary: *starts swinging like a pro{good thing wearing skinny jeans}* easy *hand slips* nem! {4x}

Admin: i cant watch *closes eyes*

Prussia: *catches Hungary* jou're lucky, me zhe awesome Prussia vas here

Hungary: Jou didn't even attempt it!

Belarus+Lithaunia+Admin+China: k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree~

Hetalia Announcer: after it was posted on youtube

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