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A Year with Mr. Arrogant by ALoveForRomance
A Year with Mr. Arrogantby Nanette
It's not everyday that you get asked by a multi-billionaire man to marry his son. One day when Abrielle Calwin was having the worst day of her life; the son of a multi-B...
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Everything Will be Okay by smith7040
Everything Will be Okayby smith7040
Sage is a broken girl. She has promised to herself she will never love again. She has been hurt to many times, until one day she is adopted by five young boys. Will the...
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One Shots by SimmieAllen5
One Shotsby something
I'm a new and upcoming writer, these stories may trigger you and I'm sorry if they are offensive. There are some hardcore sex scenes but all of them are fiction. I will...
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Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance) by thatoneweirdgurrl
Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance)by Call me crazy
HIGHEST RANK- #1 in Crush #2 in Paranormal For a moment he just sits there watching me with amused eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. Suddenly he stands up and walks fo...
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『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』 by _starlight07
『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』by Baka Tsun
×Thank you for 300k+ reads and 7k+ votes! I do appreciate it a lot! :))× ❝He got my heart again.❞ -- -contains scenarios, drabbles, and one shots of HxH Character x Read...
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Random Facts | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Random Facts | ✓by katie baer
A list of Random Facts.
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『The Orca Awards 』2020 🐬 by ethereal_trio
『The Orca Awards 』2020 🐬by Trio Awards
🌊 ( OPEN ✔️ ) ( Judging ✔️ ) ( Closed ) 🌊 Entries available for Action, Sci-fi and Historical. Do you want to try out a unique awards and see how much we love your...
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Hating My Tutor by crownedkt
Hating My Tutorby KT ♡
Meet Skylar Howard, she a stubborn softy. She's struggling in school getting grades that are leading her to the path of failing. Her mother suggests for her to get a tut...
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~☆The Heavens Awards 2020☆~ by Heavenly_10
~☆The Heavens Awards 2020☆~by Heavenly_10
~☆Welcome to The Heavens Awards 2020☆~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~◇◇~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~☆Open to participants | | ~☆Open to judges |✔|☆~ ~☆Judging |✔|☆~ ~☆Closed | |☆~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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MANAN-MY IMAGINATION 2(completed) by RukhsarKhan2
MANAN-MY IMAGINATION 2(completed)by Rukhsar Khan
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•◇Meg's Book Cover Shop | Open◇•  by Heavenly_10
•◇Meg's Book Cover Shop | Open◇• by Heavenly_10
•◇Welcome To Meg's Book Cover Shop◇• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~◇◇~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •◇Open |✔|◇• •◇Closed for catch up | |◇• •◇Closed | |◇• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~◇◇~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •◇Cover by @He...
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The girl from the past ✔ by kookie611
The girl from the past ✔by kook
While driving through the dark road they find a strange looking girl lying unconscious. She was the Princess who came from the past. Will they ever believe her or keep...
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Another 130 Days Of Wincest by BeTheSammyToMyDean
Another 130 Days Of Wincestby ∆ Satan ∆
This is basically the same idea as the other one, in which there's just 130 days of small drabbles and all that. I can't promise I'll update every single day but fuck me...
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HIS WORDS |Editing|  by HeavennSent
HIS WORDS |Editing| by Malweeee
I saw his sad eyes and I noticed that he had a broken heart. He wasn't a heartless monster just like everyone claimed he was. If you look closer you'll see the past tha...
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In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1} by abdofRahman
In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}by abdurRahman (Gudi)
UNDER MAJOR EDITING {Eternal Ishq Series - Book One} A well known surgeon, a wannabe model, a would be Aalim, and a simple girl. ~The fate that links these four ~ the c...
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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
Facts, Descriptions, Scenarios, And interesting things about the 12 Zodiac Signs! Check out book #2! :) *Creds to original authors*
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The Perfect Crime by misguided_thoughts
The Perfect Crimeby Dee
The world's clumsiest girl and the world's first class spy? They should never cross paths. But, somehow, Olivia and Will are stuck together if they want to go home and t...
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Criminal Minds Imagines by KatetheKat8
Criminal Minds Imaginesby 𝙡𝙮𝙙 𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩
i love criminal minds & so i decided to make an imagines book on it hahaha - all characters belong to Criminal Minds. some scenes & dialogue belong to criminal minds. ...
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Toss Me |Haikyuu!! x Male!Reader| [One-Shots] by -Anime-Fan
Toss Me |Haikyuu!! x Male!Reader| Anime Fan
!!REQUESTS OPEN!! A few (requested) One-shots with your favorite Volleyball cuties! Some of them are fluffy, some lemon/lime and some angst, while the majority of the On...
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Lay Me Down by Thischickisbomb
Lay Me Downby Thischickisbomb
Lizzie had been forced to sleep with men for as long as she can remember to support her mom and stepdad's raging drug habits. She's lost and has no one to turn to leavin...
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