Malaysian Accent

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A/N: i'm trying to learn a Malaysian accent cuz my oc and how to write it in my book so heres what i've found Video credit goes to Soo Hon Wye i really didnt one to write the first part if it so i'm skipping to the accent part first and yes i didnt understand some of what he said so yeah

Soo Hon Wye: Malaysian accents is very different from other accents. For instant we add and subtract lots of words and letters in are sentences for example the word want we say the word one instead of want everytime. And another word we always pronounce wrong is the word anot what is anot is it or not. Anot(3x) how the hell cant you can a knot.
Moving on some are alright we get are information from this imaginative they, if we say a fact we always cedit it with they
Example: They say if you go fast enough. They are not always right.
One word we really pronounce wrong is three, in Malaysia we do not say three we say tree.
Image if we say three trees we actually say is tree tree's.
You know sometimes you see people cutting from the back all the way for someone to over take you? I may have found a answer to why people seem to be rushing, us Malaysian's are very Codis so no matter where we are we are always on the way, in relation to that we always have a weih at the end of are sentence
Example: way weih
In Malaysia anyone how looks older than you automatically become aunty or uncle. Ferther more we like to drag are sentences a lot, we like to connect are sentences using and then(P.S Britain got mad at lot we hearing this part of her accent so he made her go to a after school class so lose that part of her accent would fade though it did take awhile for her but she did it)
Example: first you take it out and then you loosen it and then you put it on and thats how you wear socks.
Farther more after you buy something it becomes 10x more attractive, everyone will either call you leng zhai or leng lui.
Malaysia: and then thats all for n-...
Britain: do you want to got back to AFTER SCHOOL!
Malaysia: no
Britain: ok next is Malaysia's slang

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