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A/N: some OC headcanons will be added or put on another hetalia headcanons with comments from the nations


• Romano isn't incapable of smiling or arguing. He doesn't frown and curse all the time. It just takes him awhile to show his true feeling; you need to earn his trust, because he's insecure.(Honduras: yes, he's a grouch, but he's always there.)

• England's cooking is so bad, it has radioactive characteristics to it. America ate so much of it as a child, he developed superpowers. Thus why America is so strong. (Alaska: I was born with ice powers)

• Seychelles is the only one who can make France apologize for the perverted stuff he does. Not that Seychelles can get him to stop, but getting him to say sorry is a feat most nations cant manage.(Barbados: I like Seychelles she just needs more confidence)

• Romano is terrified of thunderstorms and earthquakes. Durning them he begins trembling, crying, and clings to Honduras, Italy, Spain or Sardinia. They're the only people who can calm him down, and the only people who know about his fear. (Honduras: last time I had to embrace him and let him sleep in my bed. Thus means waking up to him snuggling me in the morning with his head resting on my shoulder... Though I don't really mind)

• Romano hates seeing Honduras cry. Usually if she's crying Romano will go to great lengthens to make her smile again. Even if Honduras tells him it's nothing he'll still try to find the reason. (Romano: -//////- she's-a special to-a me so why-a wouldn't I-a care?)

• Prussia stole Hungary's first kiss. It was complete accident, but she still has yet to forgive him. (Ciela: PRUHUN)

France took Russia's virginity way back when Catherine The Great was in power and obsessed with French culture. (Siberia: *gets out rolling pin* excuse me for a moment)

• Canada had perfect eyesight until the second battle of Ypres durning WW2. The Germans used tear gas against the Canadian troops, not only blinding and killing many of Canada's soldiers, but also causing irreversible damage to his vision. (Alaska: GERMANY GET OVER HERE)

Canada and America, Alaska still go to college. America is the person who hates falling behind. He has a thirst for learning that time can't quench. Alaska, however, is only there to help Canada get noticed. As for Canada he's there to make sure no one hits on his girlfriend Alaska. (America: hey don't forget I help keep the guys off her too! Ciela: oh by walking over and denting a locker?)

Estonia has a huge on Ukraine, but is to shy and afraid of Russia to act on it, despite Siberia always supporting him. (Siberia: he should be happy 😊)

Hungary took part in every feminist act that ever happened. (Hungary: just cuz I have a vagina doesn't mean I can't say I have more balls zhen jou)

Romano is unintentionally silly and hilarious. However, when he actually tries to be funny.... He fails hard (Honduras: he's a walking comedian)

Sealand's much better at spells than England and can curse anyone without fault(Sealand: thank Siberia and Alaska also Greenland for teaching)

• *hetaoni canon* The only way to kill they can permanently kill the monster is to destroy the clock that Italy used to turn back time or save that mochi thingy... I think, I'm not sure. (Ciela: after watching Hetaoni I was like if Italy can go to the past why not kill oni when he started out cuz shouldn't it be weaker then? And America you could just break the walls mochi is trapped in between and get it out that way your strong enough)

when Finland gets drunk enough he tends to get really horny, but Sweden will always just bring him to bed and tucks him in. Finland will be out like a light in a few seconds later. (Greenland: I remember that one time it was hilarious until he tried me)

America loves electro dancing. (Alaska: he's actually pretty good he's teaching me)

Romano is a closet he's a hopeless romantic who reads romance novels in his spare time. (Ciela: KNEW IT *epic hand clap*

anytime there a meeting in the UK, the nations spam the metro newspaper. (Slovenia: Prussia's spams are most funniest Ciela: isn't it weird how you'll see them I reality on the metro newspaper in UK?, or is that just me)

During the Cold War Prussia stayed at Russia's house. Prussia wrote hundreds of letters to Hungary. He never sent them, instead kept them in a shoe box. Hungary just only recently discovered them. (Chibi!Siberia: wonder what he wrote in the letters)

Physically Siberia's appearance is 19 but actually is much older though, yet remains younger than Russia and China. (China: I feel sorry for her Aru~ people being sent there to die)

China smells like cinnamon and chai-tea. (Siberia: I like cinnamon sticks)

Romania isn't a vampire, but he loves to trick people into thinking he is, he can't help but laugh when they watch him suspiciously, expect he can't seem to fool Slovakia. (Slovakia: *hugging Romania* he's just to adorable to be a vamp)

Despite Canada being the bigger nation in land area, he's shorter than America. (Alaska: he's not to short probably Canada's shoulder height maybe a tad bit taller)

Sweet though he may be, Canada stills makes Germany a bit wary. Germany remembers how the Canadians fought in World Wars. (Alaska: DAMN RIGHT YOU BETTER BE WARY GERMANY!)

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