OC Headcanon's prt3

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•Durning the Boston tea party Alaska helped America seeing being soled and all and Normally would tease America cuz she could freeze the box and then shatter them to pieces

•Indonesia and Malaysia and Singapore we're found by Britain but never go with him

•Antarctica knows everyone's language and accents by heart and can switch by will

•Massachusetts helped during the revolution alongside Alaska who of course just shattered the box instead of throw it over bored like she was suppose to(America: she always froze the box even if Massachusetts told her not to)

•Even though Siberia hated the Soviet Union and the Communists she stayed by Russia's side even when through the Cold War she stayed with Russia and fought America.

•Sardinia is stronger than her brothers and controls her own mafia

•After the Cold War ended and the fall of the Soviet Union Siberia has calmed down to being pleasant and doesn't frighten people but double cross her or Russia she'll make sure your ashes don't even remain

•America has witnessed Siberia's power first hand so he usually tries to remain on her good side

•Switzerland only let one other person besides Liechtenstein join and that would be Sardinia

•Singapore loves rap so does Malaysia and Yaoi

•Slovakia was raised with Hungary

•Alaska hates when people forget Canada

•Greenland loves to pick on Denmark and also ships DenNor

•all my OC's hate incest

•Slovenia plays the Violin instead of piano and beats people with violin

•Honduras sometimes snorts when she laughs and Romano and Georgia(Paris_Love_Bonnefoy)always finds if adorable how Honduras always says "stop staring"

•Durning a thunderstorm Honduras usually let's Romano sleep in her bed

•Drunk Siberia is another England but tends to freeze stuff instead(Russia: she's my sunflower ^J^)

•Drunk Greenland likes to break things

•Malaysia drunk gets sleepy or tipsy

•Drunk Singapore gets over emotional over the smallest things

•Drunk Barbados tends to get anger easer

•Drunk Honduras is normally is pursued

•Sealand likes to eat tons of salt when drunk then ooooooooosqrirtooooooagain. (Sealand: Cannot take it. Where is the beer.)

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