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A/N: International Day Of Peace by BeyondTheClouds123 just added a bit for OC parts the judges are and the original video is posted alongside this so you can get a visual on what they're doing original before I edited it to fit my OC's


Finland: Finland here and I'll be your MC along with Sealnd-Kun and Su-San

Sealand: hi everyone! And to all the ladies I'm still available!

Sweden: M'hey

Finland: and what better way to commemorate this special day than to celebrate with some ass-whooping that got us peace in the first place. Ironic, huh?

Sealand: and yes folks we're shamelessly endorsing fan-service and illegal gambling!

Ukraine: *in a really skimpy bikini while holding a sign saying "make your bets here"

Sweden: 'E't start the fight.

Rome: Whoo!! i'd like a piece of that Ukraine

Finland: First, we have China vs. America!

China: *holding a bamboo stick* I'll show you kids how to fight, Aru!


America: *pulls a gun* 2nd amendment rights, baby!


Finland: that was incredible! China went down faster than when the western powers home wrecked his house durning the century of humiliation!

China: don't remind me! 😤

???: *quickly launches a surprise attack by wrapping scarf tightly around America's neck*

Finland: but what's this?! Why folks it's a surprise attack by Russia as he gives America a taste of his special move: Stalin's purge!

Russia: kolkolkolkolkol~

Sweden: prob'ly tastes like blood.

America: *hero choke* I-Iran *starts turning red white and blue*

Finland: Oh oh on another surprise attack against Russia by... Siberia?!

Siberia: *throws vodka*

Russia: *scoops Siberia up in arms* TO THE VODKA OF MAGICAL ACHOOL

Finland: And Russia takes off after his beloved Vodka like a runner on steroids with Siberia! Seems they've left the fighting arean and sadly thus they're both disqualified.

Sweden: bette' luck next time.

Finland: with Russia and Siberia gone, France takes the stages and literally kisses up to the crowd!

France: *kissing the crowd*

???: *smakes France on the back of his head with Busby's chair*

Sealand: but like his horrible military record is easily but quickly taken out as he receives a forceful kiss on the back of his head from jerk England's mighty Busby's chair!

France: *fall dramatically* sacrebleu!

Sealand: this means Hungary is next to face Jerk England! Wonder how she'll play her cards!

England: I'll burn you like I did with Jeanne d'Arc!

Hungary: go ahead and try!, But vait! Oh, Look! A HORNY STALLION(unicorn)

England: *looks to the rigtht* where?

Hungary: *charges towards england*

England: *constipated face* OOOMFG!


Finland: 😰 Oooooooooohhhaaaa!!! R-right in Big Ben!

Sealand: she crushed broke maimed.... Destroyed his-his does this mean I have a sister now?!!!? O.O|||

Sweden: some'ow, I, too. Feel a pain n' my lower regions.

Admin: L-Let us briefly mourn for England's crushed towers...... And next is Japan! :D

Japan: *thinking: It appears that Hungary-San is a bigger threat to are vitar regions than Prussia-San. I have no choice but to use 'that' move! Even if it might cost me my own rife!"* *reaches into shirt*

Admin: Ooohh~ something cool is gonna be thrown down

Finland: how did you get in here anyways

Admin: I'm the writer here so I have full privileges to be here


Sealand: oh, great Hungary's bled out, along with 1/3 of the audience!

Hungary: *thud*

Japan: S-S-Striped panties?!!? *epic nosebleeds*

Red: surprising Japan did it to along with another 1/3 of the audience!!!!!!

Sealand: how did... I don't care

Finland: which then leaves us with Germany vs North, South Italy and W. Italia(Sardinia) tag team! But as expected, north has already surrendered so no fight here..... Wait, W. Italia is doing something

Sardinia: *B*tch slaps Germany and walk away with N. And S. Italia*

Rome: Yeeeeah those are my cute grand sons and grand daughter

Red: so wait what? So now it's Honduras+Switzerland vs Germany

Honduras: *cracks fingers* Swiss lay it on him

Switzerland: 😠💢 I'm only here to tell Germany to stop hiking naked through my mountains! God forbid if Liechtenstein or Sardinia when she comes to visits ever see your German sauce, I'll shoot it off on the spot!

Honduras: *dumps Germany's beer out*

Admin: aww, Germany sadly sulks in a corner with dismay at the huge fine and at Switzerland's threa- er - warnings!

Finland: no worries! Big brother Prussia, acting as Germany's coach, comes in and saves the day!

Germany:'s my free body culture,,,, ;-;|||

Prussia: nozhing a little beer can't fix up!

Finland: and Germanys back on his feet although he's a bit tipsy now.

Sealand: with no new challengers, will he be our winner?


France: ah, I'd like one, please!!


Sealand: wha-wha-wha!??! Jerk England's still alive and tricks Germany into eating his nasty scone!!

England: eat this, you kraut!!

Sealand: Germany 'idnt' stand a chance. And the man is food poisoned, leaving England as our ultimate champ!

England: hahahaha

Admin: well that was certainly was a great cracked filled fight!

Sealand: guess it's time to finally wrap up this even and-

Admin: whoa hold the phone girl there's someone who's been waiting for her chance to strike!

???: *runs up and gives him a shot*

England: *fanits*

Red: England has just fainted~

England: *thud*

Admin: everyone must have forgotten her since she's been so mysteriously disappearing so are winner is Grena-...

Grenada: *gets hit on the head with something* *passes out*

???: sometimes girls gotta do what she's got to do


Iraq: *Aura* i'm supreme

Ukraine: where's my paycheck?

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