Intreviewing the Ancients

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Admin: =w= I learned more Ancients that been hiding from me~

Iraq: *sighs* I'm actually the personification of Mesopotamia I also knew Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, sadly I also watched her fall... :) but I saw Greece her son grow strong... They're alike in many ways like their weird obsession with cats =_=

Phoenicia: I love cats so deal with it! *has 300 cats with her*

Sumer: I'm more of a dog type person

Roman Empire: *comes out with Akkad*

Admin: oh look the king of pervs have come to reclaim his throne

Roman Empire: oh shut up

Adin: I'm the mother fudging writer so you got nuh on me

Babylonian: hi

Admin: these are some of hetalia Gakuen academy teachers

Phoenicia: I teach girls P.E

Iraq: I'm the principal or Iran's sub

Sumar: I'm vice princal

Babylonian: I teacher sex ed

Akkad: I'm the person who spray paints the school

Iraq: e.e thanks for your message

Akkad: anytime, anytime

Britannia: I teach art~

Admin: yeah British~

Phoenicia: so who teaches science?

Admin: Iran get out here or better yet, former kingdom Persia

Iran+Iraq: we fought in the past, we're cool now, after all we're sisters

Admin: that explains why your names are so similar

Iraq: e.e

Admin: it says the war of 1990-88 between Iran and Iraq in the general area of the Persian gulf. It ended inconclusively after great hardship and lose of life on both sides. Also know as the Gulf War.

Iran: you just love bringing up war facts don't you?

Admin: e.e I'm the writer sooo I fricking can you little turdsicle

Ancients: o-o

Admin: Iran you're teaching Science so deal

Iran: fine

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