Size Matters

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Qdkin: Spain better fvck Romano

Romano: wait what?!

Admin: *sings* Romano wishes to suck his own dick but he can't reach it

Siberia: is it that small?

Liechtenstein: *puts finger together* is it this small?

Romano: o_o

France: Germany's d*ck is so big that if he a$$ rapped someone they couldn't walk for weeks cuz he pounded them so hard and rough

Alaska: what is it the size of Sealand or something

Sealand: told you I was big

Barbados: *covers Sealand's mouth* if you say that again you're totally going back on eBay

Italy: that's one big German d*ck

Admin: hahaha 😂 nopalion wishes it was that big just like Adolf Hitler wishes his balls we're that big

UsukorFruk: Um I swear to god Germany is about x10 the size of Siberia ^^

Siberia: HEY SHUT IT

Ciela: that's why Italy's a$$ hurt so much

UsukorFruk: And Florida.

Mexico: is Germany the size of Siberia or some sh*t? *laughs ass off*

Moscow: I think it is, da...

Admin: it got pounded in the front by Italy then pounded in the back by Germany so she got double pounded

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