Bedtime story

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A/N: Romano was 14 and Honduras was 13 a and Sardinia was 12 Romano would tell Sardinia bedtime story's and Also Romano was referred to papa and Honduras was referred to as mama.. For what Honduras wears for a maid outfit let your imagine sorrow


Sardinia: papa?

Romano: what-a?

Sardinia: mama said-a to have you-a tell me-a a story :D

Romano: fine-a *tucks Sardinia into bed* aren't you-a getting to-a old for-a this?

Sardinia: aren't you-a to young-a to swear-a?

Romano: good-a point but-a anyway story

Sardinia: ya!

Romano: Once-a upon a fucking-a time, there-a lived a jerk-a bastard who-a was annoying as-a fuck. He was-a terrible person cuz he was-a jerk bastard.

Sardinia: uncle Bastard :D

Romano: so-a one day-a his servant(Romano) got really-a pissed, so that day he decided to kick king bastard-a in the-a ass and pushed the-a bastard out the window he the-a bastard landed on stakes and-a after married the princess-a.

The wedding was-a grand and-a there was-a tomato colored-a carpet the-a princess wore-a a beautiful white dress. The-a kingdom rejoiced seeing-a the evil-a king was-a no longer but, as-a for the princess-a and servant they-a ruled with-a kindness and the-a wisdom.

Sardinia: papa would-a the princess be-a mama?

Romano: sí

Sardinia: bunanotte(good night) *goes to sleep*

Honduras: *peeks in holding laundry* you just had to swear?

Romano: *jumps* *face beat red of embarrassment* DA QUANTO TEMPO SEI STATO LÍ?!?!?!?!(how long have you been there)

Honduras: *giggles* *just walks away hum*

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