Prussia's vine

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Slovenia: *playing the violin while sitting on dryer*

Prussia: *hiding*

Slovenia: Austria vhat are jou doing

Austria: nozhing vhy?

Slovenia: just vondering zhats all

Prussia: *flings open dyer door, grabs Slovenia's legs and pulls her down* I AM AWESOME *doesnt notice that Slovenia's and Hungary's panties are on head*

Slovenia: *falls butt first on dryer door* WOWOWO *falls backwards, head making direct contact with dryer door frame making a loud bang noise*

Austria: AHHHHHHH *runs straight into a wall, trips on air* *falls to ground* ITS A DRYER NAZI

Slovenia: *rubbing head* ow

Prussia: KESESES~

Hungary: vhat ze fudg-


Hungary: MR. AUSTRIA

Prussia: *pushes Slovenia off the door and shuts it* no Prussia here

Hungary: *tries pulling it open* PRUSSIA I KNOW JOUR IN ZHERE DONT MESS VITH ME

Slovakia: *hands Hungary the frying pan* zhis shall help


Hungary: *breaks dryer door with frying pan* *bends down* e.e jour stuck aren't jou?

Prussia: *kisses Hungary* Keseses~ *tries to get out* *dryer tips over*


Slovakia: aww

Slovenia: *dusts self off* vell vhat now?

Gilbird: piyo piyo

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