Alaska&Antarctica bird and the bees

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💠Siberia's room💠

Antarctica+Alaska: what's the bird and the bees sis?

Siberia: 0////0

Antarctica: do you have any idea of what that is sis?

Alaska: do you know?

Siberia:' just g-g-go ask Italy *nervous laughter*

🇮🇹 Italy's room🇮🇹

Antarctica+Alaska: what's the bird and the bees?

Italy:' Ya go find Germany he'll tell you (I hope)

Antarctica: =.= Germany I don't think....ahhh

Alaska: *interrupts Antarctica and pulls her out of the room*

🇩🇪Germany's room🇩🇪

Antarctica: well where is his?

Alaska: I don't know, maybe Italy knows?

Germany: how did you two get in here?! *looms over Alaska*

Alaska: ummm....what's....the bird...bees *does a adorable face and looks down at the floor*

Antarctica: your scaring her you nazi Jew hating jerk *pats Alaska's head*

Germany: 0.0 did she really ask that?!

Antarctica: wow sis you really said it :)

Alaska: could you tell us? *quietly said*

Germany: not my fault people be haten that my boss use to be Adolf Hitler :/ so not my falt the hologuast happened >:/

Antarctica: it happened in your fricking country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alaska: thank you Germany, well be taking are leave now *grabs Antarctica and leave the room*

🇯🇵Japan's room🇯🇵

Alaska: Japan May we enter?

Japan: come in would you like some tea?

Alaska: yes thank you :)

Antarctica: hey have you heard of the birds and the bees?

Alaska: what is that Mr.Japan

Japan: 0//////0 ITS WHERE PEOPLE LOVE EACH!!!!!!!!!! *pushes Alaska and Antarctica out the door*

🇯🇵 Outside Japan's door🇯🇵

Alaska: 0_0 what was that about? and I never finished my tea =_=

Antarctica: I don't know :/ maybe later you'll get more tea

🇺🇸America's room🇺🇸

Antarctica: Yo America hey what's up

America: hey nothing much how about you?

Alaska: we wanted to know what the bird and the bees are?

America: 0_0 it's just a joke *nervous laughter*

🇬🇧England's room🇬🇧

England: oh the fairies told me you to we're coming so I made scones ^_^ would you like to try some *holds 2 burnt scone out in front of Alaska & Antarctica*

Antarctica: ummm... Are they suppose to be green?

Alaska: do we have to eat them? Cause honestly I don't want to die today *starts crying*

England: no Alaska you don't have to *Neels down to Alaska and pats her head*

Antarctica: what's the bird and the bees?

England: *makes up some bs story*

Antarctica+Alaska: ^~^ ya right

🇷🇺Russia's room🇷🇺

Russia: da?

Alaska: what's the birds and the bees?

Antarctica: we want to know what that?

Russia: what?!

Alaska: never mind

Russia: if you become one with me I'll show ~kolkolkolkolkol ^_^

Alaska: 0-o very funny Russia

Antarctica: *runs away with Alaska*

🇪🇸Spain's room🇪🇸

Spain: si~ how are you doing?

Alaska: good :3

Antarctica: let's make this quick... What's the birds and the bees?

Alaska: you didn't need to blurt it out *faceplam* =_=

Spain:.............. *passes out*

Alaska: well bye thank you for listening

Antarctica: who should we ask next?

Alaska: *grouns* maybe France I guess?

🇫🇷France's room🇫🇷

Alaska: we hate to bother you France but we wanted to...

Antarctica: *interrupts Alaska* we wanted to know about what the birds and the bees are about? Do you have any idea?

France: sit ;)

Alaska: *sits on the floor* sis can't we look it up on google or something? =_=

Antarctica: *sits on France's right leg* no we're already here might as well get it over with

Alaska: you have a valuable point

France: don't you know?

Antarctica: well kinda... but we want to compare your story to England's see which one makes the most sense

France: ok then so you see Alaska & Antarctica, when a man loves a woman it's very simple the donut is the #### and the sausage is the %#& and you start playing with the &@&@ tickling it little then you start ramming it, total speed of light if you can achieve it and then just give her all you've got like a train ramming into the stain on over and over again, one time I made a adaption for just for this question I remember it was made with Disney or something like that *begins singing* I can open your ### &$&&@&, rock your body like &$@, over side ways and up &$@&$@$ till feel like you can @$&& a hole in the @&&@ world *continues going the through every single detail*

Alaska: *runs out crying to Canada*

Antarctica: *smacks France with a wine bottle* you sick dipshit! 😡

Admin: why Disney just... no just, just no

Canada: *hugging Alaska* it's ok

Alaska: *sniffling* 😫 *burrows head farther into Canada's chest* why...Disney just why? (Imaging what France said) *crying* why just....why?

Canada: ^\\\\\^ (so adorable) *pulls Alaska closer* it's ok so don't cry eh?

America: *breaks door down* what happened to Alaska?!?!?!?!?

Admin: France happened


France: *running away* CRAP!CRAP!CRAP!CRAP! AMERICA FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!

Admin: well Comment&Rate XD... better end the chapter before someone gets hurt and by that I mean France

Canada: *still hugging sniffling Alaska* ya good idea Ciela with America in that state god knows what will happen

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