Avater(dont care if miss spelled) crossover

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America = Fire

Austria = water

Alaska = water

Antarctica = water

Belarus = idk

Barbados = lighting(shut up she made it)

Canada = air(how ironic)

China: Idk

Comoros: fire

Denmark = Fire

England = water

Egypt = unknown

France = Earth

Grenada = Earth

G <~ readers any OC of yours that fits in G leave in comments

Greece = air

Germany = Earth

Hungary = Earth

Honduras = Earth

Indonesia =

Italy = Water

Japan = Yaoi(that's not even a element!)

Lithuania = unknown

Malaysia = unknown

N <~ anyone OC that fits here leave in comments

O <~ reader OC that starts with O leave in comments

Poland = fab(still isn't a element)

Prussia =Fire

Q <~ readers OC if they start with Q

Russia = Fire/Earth/Water

Romano = Fire(his personality reminds me of a fire)

Siberia = water

Sealand = water

Slovakia = Earth

Slovenia = water

Sardinia = fire

Turkey = unknown

Ukraine = water


Ciela: ok readers if any of your OC's belong to any of the elements feel free to leave it in the comments

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