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A/N: red is my one of my best friends who are just starting out


Admin: I have really thick eyebrows

England: I have thicker

Admin: well at lest I'm proud of it

Red: you have Iggy brows, Ciela!

Admin: woah, I do!

Red: I have love rows their irresistible

England: grammar

Red: whatever

Admin: you have France brows man

Red: no I have love brows. People love my brows. Love brows.

Admin: never thought of it that way

Red: that's because you're not me

Admin: well *riding unicorn* to IGGY WORLD *pulls red on*

Red+England: hold the fvck up *both climb onto a lion with wings* to IGGY WORLD

France+Barbados; *ridding a chariot with hearts pulled by America!unicorn and Canada!Unicorn* TO FUCKING THE WORLD OF LOVE AND PORNO!! *fly away*

Red: the fvcking end *farts loudly* ah beautiful

Alaska: e_e honestly people

Russia+Siberia: *teleport to Vodka realm* ADVENTURE

Germany: *wearing a pink sparkly thong* *Berlin wall falls out* MUST TWERK *starts twerking hardcore* *flapping* WURST PRUSSIA JOIN IN THE BROTATO ARMY

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