Where the nations went wrong raising kids

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A/N: for Scotland i'm writing using his accent so thats why some of the words are miss spelled

Admin: where did you go wrong in raising the nations

Turkey: letting Greece keep all those damn cats

Rome: ē.ē not talking about

Austria: how was i suppose to know i was going to raise a brat

Hungary: dresses. Not regrets

Spain: feeding him after midnight

China: Korea, aru

England: tell him what the definition of Independence was and letting Scotland describe what it's like to have it

France: Canada is perf i don't make mistakes

Admin: yeah, thats why nobody remembers him

France+Admin: *start arguing

Scotland: *shrugs* Ireland, N. Ireland and Wales turned out alright daen't know what happened wi England though

Germania: i kinda, sorta accidentally dropped Prussia on the head but, Germany is perfection so i'm a good dad

Norway: not teaching him to call me big brother more

Denmark: ditching Greenland early in ww2 then finding out America taken her in, accidentally taking her with me when Sweden was over, her favoring Sweden over me

Admin: ē.ē glad i'm not your sister.

Sweden: i don't know Got him off of ebay so there you go

Admin: you're all horrible caretakers

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