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Admin: so Iggy {Y/N} wanted to know about the club but, {G} wants to know how you deal with your boy's and sister

England: *flashback*

Scotland+Wales+N.Ireland: *waiting outside the bathroom door*

England: why the bloody hell are you all waiting outside the bathroom?

Scotland: Ireland! *pounds door* YE BETTER GET OUT!

Ireland: we're ALL OUT.. DAMNIT! *throws empty bag of pads at door*

England: well i dont really deal with her i mean sometimes i tell her to calm but, she never listens to me so Scotland deals with her mostly

{Y/N}: oh, how about you Denmark how do you deal with greenland

Denmark: she's still made because i left her in ww1 so she ignores me and hangs with Nor, Ice, Swed and Fin.

Admin: Don't ask Prussia

{Y/N}: why?

Admin: it's Prussia just look at the outcome with Germany

{Y/N}: you've got a point

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