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Ceila: K I am doing a ask 2p!Alaska&2p!Siberia&2p!Barbados soon and I wanted you readers to come up with questions or dares but remember if it's a question to a specific nation it must include the name of the nation your asking or if it's to be a dare you have to state who your asking and what also if it's for all of them just say all... So if your new to ask and dares here's the basics.

2p!Alaska description: she looks exactly alike her 1p but instead of her hair being white it's black with white tips. Weapons the same. Human name Clara Frost also answers to Angel

2p!Siberia description: identical to her 1p but eyes are crimson red like Prussia's, has her hair up but still has a side swept bang. 2p!Siberia still uses her rolling pin but it have spikes on the rolling part. Human name Nikki Frost

2p!Barbados: she mostly resembles her 1p! But hair is light brown. And uses a black trident instead of gold. Doesn't mind picking fights. Human name Rachel Kirkland

Ciela: for the hell of it u can ask 2p!Canada 2p!Russia and 2p!Moscow

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