Honduras Headcanons

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• ok i was totally wrong she would have lived with Mexico at the time seeing Mexico was under Spain's rule too.

(Early Settlement of Honduras plus headcanon) In 1642, Port Royal on Roatán was occupied by English logwood cutters and settlers from what became British Honduras or now known as Belize. These invaders conducted numerous successful piratical raids against the Spanish(Spain), also in 1650 four Spanish war ships, under Francisco Villalva Toledo, attempted to drive the buccaneers from Roatán. The letter, sadly, were so well fortified at Port Royal that the Spanish invaders were forced to withdraw back to the mainlands for reinforcements. During this time Honduras was forceable married to Britain. Turing the tables Spain and his army outnumbered the defenders by more than 10-1, the Spanish(Spain) returned on March of 1650, after days of extremely brutal fighting on the island, the Spanish finally succeeded in taking the heavy fortifications at Port Royal. After driving out the buccaneers they removed the few remaining Indians to Central American natives.

• After Britain left Honduras felt weak for awhile due to her Port Royal facing so much fighting.

• Honduras takes a little while to warm up to people because of most of her bosses betraying or taking her people for slavery.

• Honduras loves playing horror/Action/War type games but usually doesn't get very far before rage quieting

• Waking up Honduras is like. *shake* doesn't work *pull blankets off bed* doesn't work *carry her to the couch and lay her there* I'm up.

• Honduras is the leader of the bird trio which contains ^Prussia and France^

• if Honduras gets sick she still tried to clean, go to Guaken Academy, even if she's feeling dizzy she still goes but, ends up passing out where Romano has to carry her princess style through the halls, he's face crimson red.

• she usually always happy, but sometimes when going through her personal stuff she'll start crying a little but not even notice until Romano comes in and asks her what's wrong.

• Honduras ashamed of her Spanish history due to the fact Spain and his queen took her people for slavery.

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