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N/A: every girl is dressed up like the Female Seductive Mafia... readers you can picture the outfits for the Female Seductive Mafia XD and the rest of the nations costume also I changed the song to fit hetalia


Hetalia narrator voice: Welcome to the hetalia crack meeting Halloween style

Other nations: *arguing*

Romano: *whispers* Italy you know what to do right?

Italy: *whisper* of course, Spain you ready?

Spain: *whispers* ya, ready Prussia?

Prussia: *whispers* of course, France?

France: *whispers* I was born ready... R-Russia you?

Russia: *whispers* da music Romania

Romania: *starts playing instrumental*

Prussia: *jumps on the table* *singing* I make zhem good nations go bad 2X

Hungary: what in ze hell?!

France: *hops on table* *singing* good nations go bad 2x

Italy: *hops on top* *singing* I know your type

Germany: 0-0

France: *walks over to Barbados* *sings* you're daddy's little girl *holds out hand* let me shake up your country

Barbados: I've never been daddy's girl *takes hand* such a gentleman ;) *drops Neptune's trident*

England: 0_0 never seen this side of her before

Ireland: o_o me neither

Scotland: SCARLET KIRKLAND GET AWAY FROM THAT PERVERT!!! *grabs Barbados's trident*

Wales: GO SISTER *clapping for Barbados's mad dancing skills plus for keeping up with France*

Sealand: that's my sister alright

Prussia: *walks over to Hungary* *sings* cuz just one night couldn't be so wrong *hold out hand* I'm gonna make you loose control

Hungary: why the fuck not *takes Prussia's hand*

Romano: she was so shy *background singer*

Italy: *hops on table* Till I drove her wild *holds out hand to Florida*

Florida: :D *takes hand*

Cali: wtf Florida wtf *trys to slap Florida but accidently kisses iggy* ^//////^

Prussia: *twirls Hungary* I make zhem good nations go bad

Russia: *hops on table* I was hanging in the corner with your five best friends *holds out hand to Siberia* ^\\\^

Siberia: *takes Russia's hand* ^///^ WOOHOO PARTY BETCHES

China: *totally pissed* FVCKING RUSSIAN PIECE OF SHIT *breaks chair*

France: I heard that you were trouble but I couldn't resist ;) *twirls Barbados*

Spain: *singing* I make them good nations go bad 2x

Barbados: *dancing with France* *trails finger up France's chest* *sings* I know your type

France: 0////0

Germany: zhat is enough of zhis shit! *trying to find music maker*

Japan: *recording everything* am quite in enjoying this Germany-sun

America: *singing* France and Barbados sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Scotland: *evil aura* that's my sister Alfred *smacks Alfred upside the head

America: oh snap shit just got real *points to France*

Barbados: *sings* boy, you're dangerous *pecks France's cheek*

France: ^\\\\\^

England: LET ME AT HIM *being held back by America*

Hungary: *dancing with Prussia* *singing* Yeah, you're that guy I'd be stupid to trust

Florida: *dancing with Italy* *singing* but just one night couldn't be so wrong

Siberia: *dancing with Russia* *singing* you make me wanna lose control *pecks Russia's cheek*

Russia: 0//////0

Belarus: GRRR I WANNA KILL THAT BITCH (why Does Siberia have to be stronger than me ;/\;)

Spain+Romano: she was so shy till I drove her wild

Prussia+Russia+France+Spain+Romano+Italy: *singing* I make them good nations go bad 2x

Siberia+Barbados+Hungary+Florida: *wraps arms around partners necks* I was hanging in the corner with my five best friends. I heard that you were trouble but I couldn't resist

Spain+Romano: i make them good nations go bad good nations go

France+Prussia+Russia+ Italy: good nations go bad. Bad 3x

Alaska+Canada+May: *clap to the beat* oh. She got away with the nations in the place treat 'em like they don't stand a chance'

Spain+Romano+Mexico: and he got away with the girls in the back acting like they're too hot to dance

France: *twirls Barbados away* *pulls Barbados back into arms*


Prussia+Russia+Italy+Florida+Siberia+Barbados+Hungary: *get off the table*

Barbados: your a pretty good dancer France *fixes France's hair*

France: thank you mon chier *nuzzles Barbados*

Barbados: 0///0 F-France what the hell?!

France: your just so beautiful mon cheir


Hungary: that was nice

Prussia: only cuz ze awesome me was dancing with you

Hungary: =_= no cuz it was a change from arguing like 2year olds

Siberia: we should do this more often in meeting :D

Russia: da I agree

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