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Admin: these are a few Headcanon made by me :D and then some other headcanons that I found or my OC Headcanons or kinda headcanons that work with OC's and the original characters.. Or some off IFunny


•Seeing Sardinia curl faces down when she's happy it goes up and works like Italy&Romano

• Germany is awkward when talking to woman, though a acts as a father figure to younger nations (those who look like they're in grade school or younger) and thus can speak with younger girls without trouble. He also may be able to speak with woman with less trouble if it's about work. (Slovenia: when he raises children it feels like part of their soul has died)

•If Honduras asks Romano to do something usually Romano won't say no even if it's clean the house (Ciela: wow)

•The only time Romano isn't afraid of France is if he tries anything on Honduras cuz Romano gets pissed and beats France with Spain's axe

• Usually Hong Kong doesn't show emotion but Malaysia seems to get his emotions to show

•The only why Prussia acts the way he acts cuz he doesn't want to be forgotten by the person he truly loves Hungary or anyone else

•Why people aren't afraid of Siberia because she was raised by Russia alittle bit of China then some Ukraine but also the Baltic plus she doesn't really show her aura or purposely try to frighten people unlike Russia

•Why Siberia is so good at fighting is cuz at a little age Belarus trained her then China trained her in martial arts

•Prussia can actually play a string instrument (Hungary: *throws string instrument* play it)

•Even though Honduras acts rude to Romano it's because she doesn't know how to act cuz hes her crush(Ciela: readers have you ever acted like that)

•Despite Siberia usually nice sweet personality if pissed think of pissed Russia+Belarus+10x stronger then America+Martial arts+intelligence of Lithuania+Sweden training

•Russia and America are hardcore bronys alongside Poland, France even England

•Alaska doesn't honestly hate America just he's annoying hero obsessed that doesn't take no for an answer.

• When Canada's pissed you don't fuck with Canada

• When they're a big thunderstorm thats the only time Romano will accept Honduras embracing him to help calm him down.

•Sardinia use to call Romano and Honduras mommy and daddy

•Sardinia never once got shoot at my Switzerland and her and Liechtenstein tend to hang out a lot

•It's been hinted that an abruptly woken France is not a pleasant sight, and that he may be a sleepwalker.

•Sometimes Russia flirts with America at a world meeting to make him uncomfortable(Siberia: XD it was priceless)

•on Halloween Romano takes Honduras out to a party hosted by his Mafia

•Romano never once sent his mafia after Sardinia when she's with Switzerland cuz he doesn't want her mad at him

•Canada created Wattpad(Alaska: it's awesome)

•all my OC's love to play in the rain alongside Iceland, Hong Kong, Norway, and Russia

•Malaysia is allergic to cat hair

•my OC's believe Sealand is a nation and have a soft spot of micro nations

•Romano on Valentines day is always Honduras's secret admirer even though Spain knows it he finds it cute how Romano always knocks on her bedroom boor leaving a card and a box of chocolates and run away before she opens the door(Romano: oh-a shut up -//////-)

•Honduras alway threatens to leave a hickey on Romano's neck if he doesn't listen(Romano: she-a does)

• the Italian trio read scared to death of thunder and lightening.

•when Honduras was a child she was terrified of mice, rats anything like that only people who could calm her down would be Mexico(not mine) or Romano but after growing up she grew out of the fear.

•Lot of times on the weekend Scotland and Antarctica go and troll people

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