Hetalia Middle School prt3

79 2 2

Mrs. Iran: *grading papers*
*what the grades say*
Germany = gay accept it
Prussia = f*cktard+Dumbass = you
Italy = Dumbass to the max
Romano = you failed
Sardinia = keep letting me visit your beaches and free stuff so doing great
Japan = great butts*x drawling keep it up
Russia = idoit
France = get me wine and you might get a D
China = e.e I can't even explain
England = RETARD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liechtenstein = your nice
Hungary = also great butts*x drawling keep it up ^_^
Honduras = as long as you keep Romano's anger down to a mini it's all
Everyone else = DUMBASS ALRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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