State Headcanons 1#

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A/N: for Alaska instead of Russia losing a war to America, Russia have America Alaska. Yes Alaska was on Russia's side during ww1 and during German-Russian nazi age.


• When one of America states(Mostly Alaska) goes into a screaming fit in the middle of the night he will sing "you'll be in my heart" to them until they stop trembling and crying. This goes on every night with at lest 5 of them expect Alaska(this occurs on March 30 when she was purchased from Russia by America). This is usually why he so late things, it's because he's up all night soothing his states or at leas trying too. except Alaska because she locks the door to her room than rather be comforted. Usually America will sit outside Alaska's door singing "you'll be in my heart".

• When America needs to be stern with one of his states he speaks with a southern accent. Alaska mocks America when this happen.

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