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A/N: I found some cute headcanons of the nations waking up and OC versions too

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• America practically takes an army to get him out of bed. He'll push the snooze button about a million times, then when he actually wakes up, he'll freak out when he sees how late it is and rush to get ready. If you wake him up too early, he's grumpy the rest of the day.

• Siberia usually get up whenever she feels like but, if there's a meeting Russia will have to wake her. It takes about a moment or two before truly being fully awake seeing she's quite sluggish. (Russia: once I had to carry her to the meeting in her pjs cuz she wasn't waking up)

• England is much easier to wake, but if you wake him up too early, he'll give you death glares the rest of the day. If he wakes up at the right time (exactly 6:35), he'll be ready to go in 10mins and have a good breakfest.

• Russia wakes up incredibly early - about 5:00 in the morning - so no one has to help wake him up. He doesn't even sleep on the weekends, because he says it would mess with his circadian rhythm.

• Alaska usually doesn't wake up until 2pm but, if there's a meeting America or Canada has to wake her. She not a morning person what so ever.

• China's sleep schedule incredibly erratic, due to be woken up by the other Asian nations at random times when they were children. Some days he'll wake up at 6:00' some days 11:00. Usually he gets out of bed pretty quickly, but be incredibly pissed if it's for a stupid reason.

• France is kinda like Siberia. He wakes up when ever he feels like, which is usually pretty late in the morning. (Around 9:30 or 10:00.) Long as he gets at least eight hours of sleep he'll be fine, but if he doesn't, he'll whine about it until lunch.

• Canada gets up pretty early - around 6:00 - but gets ready for the day slowly. It'll usually takes about an hour for him to get going. Once he's done that, he'll go to Alaska's room and get her up. If you wake him up early, he'll be ok, but he'll have to go to bed earlier that night.

• Sardinia and Italy both hate getting up in the morning. And they're both incredibly pissed until they've had something to eat.

• Honduras is a deep sleeper so it's hard awaking her. Instead of actually waking up she'll groan and turn away from you. She'll wake up a few moments later rubbing her eyes and with no focus sometimes walk into something, like if her doors closed for instance. (Romano: last-a time I-a had to-a catch her-a so she-a didn't fall-a backwards)

• Romano is a lot like his brother and sister, but worse. It takes more than just a shower and coffee to set him in a good mood. He needs about an hour to wake up, and even then, he's not really ok until he's had something to eat a.k.a wake or try to get Honduras up to cook for him sometimes or trying to awake Honduras so he can serve in bed breakfast for her.

• Germany wakes up early and easily. That's all.

• Slovenia is a light sleeper so, it doesn't take much for her to wake up.

• Japan wakes when the sun rises, no matter what time of day that is. Everyone and a great while, he'll call China and talk to him about the day went.

• Greenland, Prussia, Antarctica~ a general summary of them waking up is "NOPE NOPE NOPE ITS NOT NOON YET I'M STAYING IN BED NOPE GET AWAY FROM ME FIVE MORE MINUTES NOPE". (Ciela: that's like me on the weekend)

• Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore are what I call medium sleeper they border on heavy and light. Thy usually get up at 12: 59am with no problem except, Malaysia will sometimes sleep until 1:00pm if over tired. (Hong Kong: it's cute when she starts leaning on me and falls asleep during a movie when she's over)

• Philippines is rather sluggish and grumpy in the morning until fully awake.

• Portugal hates morning and usually takes awhile for her to get out of bed before she falls asleep again.

• Iceland he's basically a heavy sleeper, so waking him is a chore. When he finally does get up, he'll give you the evilest look you've ever gotten before standing up and leaving the room quietly.

• Norway is basically like Iceland but, instead of actually waking up, he'll hit you in the face first, then wake up moments later.

• When Denmark wakes up it's pretty early in the morning (not as early as England or Russia, but still pretty early). He'll be the one to wake up the other Nordics(Greenland included) by calling them, or, if he's at one of their houses, he'll drag them out of bed.

• Sweden doesn't talk at all in the mornings until he's gotten the chance to wake up. Once he's really awake, he'll say something like "you woke me up too early" then wake out of the room.

• Finland is the worst to get out of bed. If you try to wake him up, he'll start screaming and kicking until you leave him alone. Finland wakes up on his own terms, on his own time, and if you try to mess with that, there will be hell to pay.

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