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N/A: Siberia&Andorra&Maine&France hooked up a date between Canada and Alaska cuz ya... Canada's quite comfortable around Alaska so ya he isn't shy around Alaska and her Sisters.... Alaska and Canada are having a nice quiet(almost)... I wrote this on Canadian day but didn't have wifi to post it so happy late Canadian day Canada


~In a bush~

France: thank you Prussia&Spain for helping me *whisper*

Prussia: vell am awesome so how could I mess zhis *loud whisper*

Spain: not a problem... What is it we're doing? *whisper*

France: England is trying hook America and Alaska *whisper*

Spain: oh your trying to hook Canada&Alaska before America can make his move *whisper*

France: yes *whisper*

~Back to thee date~

Canada: thanks Alaska for coming with me today *holding roses behind back*

Alaska: no problem... What's that behind your back?

Canada: *hands Alaska roses* h-h-here *head tilted down* ^\\\\^

Alaska: thank you *takes roses* their beautiful Matthew 😊

Canada: so what do you wanna do now? (Such a pretty smile)

Alaska: *hands cookie* here

Canada: thanks *takes cookie*

Alaska: no prob

Canada: what now?

Alaska: well how about a moive?

Canada: sure what kind?

Alaska: how about plant of the apes?

Canada: that sounds fun

Alaska+Alaska: *at the moive*

Spain+France+Prussia: *in disguise sitting behind Alaska&Canada*

Spain: pssst Prussia *whisper*

Prussia: shut up I'm trying to watch zhis movie *whisper loudly*

Spain: nothings happening between them *whisper*

Prussia: I don't give a rats ass *whisper*

Alaska: would you too shut up am trying to watch a moive with my date *looks back and whispers*

France: *whispers* sorry didn't mean to disturb you

Canada: *puts arm over Alaska's shoulder* >\\\\< y-you enjoying the movie?

Alaska: ^\\\\^ totally... I don't mind your arm over my shoulder *kisses Canada*

Canada: 0//////0

Prussia: success *whispers*

Spain: yup *whispers*

France: they're such a cute couple *whispers*

Alaska: I know that accent... France you prick! D:<

Canada: France?!?!?

Alaska: *throws large popcorn at France* next meeting isn't going to be pleasant for France *sips cola* inconsiderate dick *hands Canada cola* here have a drink :)

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