Ask 2p!Siberia&2p!Alaska&2p!Barbados

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This question is asked by PuertoRico_chan to 2p!Siberia

Do you love Russia more than Belarus?

2p!Siberia: hmm i think of him as an older brother thats all and i am not into insesset unlike Belarus ^-^

2p!Alaska: yeah i'd say Belarus is quite an "odd" one

2p!Barbados: ok next question

This question is asked by Portugal_chan How did 2p!Alaska&2p!Siberia meet?

2p!Siberia: well before 2p!America had bought 2p!Alaska from 2p!Russia i always had taken care of her

2p!Alaska: she adopted me as her sister

I dare 2p!Alaska to kiss 2p!America @Puerto_chan@

2p!Siberia: Angel

2p!Alaska: what's wrong?

2p!Siberia: Rachel if you get hurt

2p!Barbados: what's the worst that could happen?

2p!Siberia: *gets out rolling pin* sis you have to kiss 2p!America on the lips

2p!Alaska: *table flip* *breaks chair*

2p!Barbados: nooooo mr. Chair!!!!!!

2p!Siberia: hahaha~

2p!Barbados: *grabs 2p!America* kiss him


2p!Siberia: oh really *shoves 2p!Alaska lips against his*

2p!America:... Idoits

2p!Siberia+2p!Barbados: *releases them*

2p!Alaska: *table another flips* *breaks another chair* i'm done!

2p!Siberia: *laughing*

2p!Barbados: why are you laughing

2p!Siberia: it's funny, da

2p!Barbados: we'll be back next time~

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