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A/N: this is my dream I had last night it was like king and queen of different realms and here was the rulers it was weird... Might write a chapter with this but u the readers will probably have to refer a lot.

🍝Pasta Realm🍝

King: Italy

Queen: Florida(not mine)

Army: weak

Court Guard: pasta bowl

🍅Tomato Realm🍅

King: Romano

Queen: Honduras

Princess: Mexico(not mine)

Army: 3th Strongest

Court Guard: Spain(badass)

🍺Beer realm🍺

King: Germany

Queen: Fem!Italy

Army: 4th Strongest

Court Guard: Slovenia


🍳Skillet Realm🍳 + 🐤Gilbird realm🐤

Queen: Hungary

King: Prussia

Army: 8th strongest

Court guard: unknown

🔫Gun Realm🔫

King: Switzerland

Queen: Sardinia

Princess: Liechtenstein

Army: 6th strongest

Court Guard: Malta(unmentioned OC mine)

🎵Musical realm🎵

King Austria

Queen: California(not mine)

Army: weak

Court guard: unknown

☕️Tea realm☕️

King England

Queen: Seychelles

Army: 7th strongest

Court Guard: Ireland


🌑Midnight Realm🌑

King: Romania

Queen: Slovakia

Prince: Bulgaria

Army: strong

Court guard: Moldova


🍦Icecream cone Realm🍦

King: Russia

Queen: Siberia

Princess: Moscow

Army: 1st strongest

Court Guard: Lithuania(Siberia's personal)

Alliance: Maple leaf realm, Snowcone Realm, Ice Realm

🌹Rose Realm🌹

King: France

Queen: Barbados

Princess: Paris

Army: unknown

Court Guard: Wales

🍧Snowcone Realm🍧

Queen: Antarctica

King: Scotland

Army: unknown

Court Guard: Ireland

Alliance: Popsicle realm, Pancake realm

💠Ice Realm☀️

King: Iceland

Queen: Greenland

Army: 2th Strongest

Court guards: Norway, Finland

🐈Kitten Realm🐈

King: Greece

Queen: Serbia(unmentioned OC mine)


Court Guard: Turkey


🍁Maple leaf Realm🍁

King: Canada

Queen: Alaska

Princess: Maryland(not mine)

Army: 2th strongest

Court Guard: America

📹Anime Realm📷

King: Japan

Queen: Singapore

Army: unknown

Court guard: unknown

🔮Mysterious Realm🔮

King: Hong Kong

Queen: Malaysia

Army: unknown

Court guard: China

❓Unknown Realm❓

King: Denmark

Queen: Fem!Norway

Army: unknown

Court Guard: Sweden

Da-zeing realm

King: Korea

Queen: Singapore

Princess/Prince: unknown

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