Dont Touch Admins cream pie

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Admin: *eating a chocolate cream pie* yumm~~

England: i think you had enough *tries taking it*

Admin: *hissing like a cat*

Russia: *shoves China at Admin* your turn, da

China: Admin stop being a faggot and give me the damn pie, aru! *glomsp me to get pie*

Admin: *bites China on the arm*

China: owwww!, Aru! Why you do that?!?!?!

Admin: you'll have to kill me before you get meh pie! *tries to run* *face plant into pie* meh pie!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My PIE!!!!! *sobbing dramatically*

Singapore: what happened?

Canada: i hope she'll be ok

Greenland: probably not

Admin: *crying like a 5 year old over spilled milk*

Honduras: *trying to comfort Admin* its ok we'll get you another one, si?

Admin: it's not the SAME *cries more*

Spain: *hands Honduras a churro* give Admin this a

Honduras: i had to be Mexico didnt really help *tries to hand Admin a churro* here sweetie take it

Admin: *slaps it out of Honduras's hand* IT'S NOT PIE!

Romano: SHUT-A UP!

Scotland: *also trying to comfort me*

Admin: meh pie it was so young it have a family in my stomach to return to!! *more crying*

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