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A/N: This is Male nations & Sex Ed class(AU headcanons) which I find funny from IFunny. Ok I'm going to make this interesting by having the teacher write it


Babylon: *groans* *continues writing out RC comments*

Italy = he slept during the lesson, only to wake up to a discussion about girls' body parts. He was very confused

Germany = he listened and took down all the notes and made extra copies for Italy. He has all the knowledge, but isn't good at applying any of what he learned later on.

Japan = he took down all the notes and only refers back to them for Doujinshi purposes. Otherwise the notes remain untouched.

America = he talks all the way through class and didn't learn a damn thing. He laughed at a lot of words though. You know the ones. PENIS, VAGINA Ect. (Dumbass)

England = he tries to take lesson seriously, but the stupidity of his classmates made it difficult. He tries to steer his classmates back on track, but he is very awkward about it. "L-Listen here gits,one day you may need to know.... all this...!!!!!"

Russia = he smiled during most of the lesson, blushed here and there, still remembers everything from the lesson.

China = he memorized everything, though he was very whatever about it. China found most of the others reactions immature, but like England, he's more signed to himself rather than snapped at the others.

Prussia+Denmark = they're the students who will ask stupid questions. "so teacher, vhat happens if jour penis pops off during sex and remains stuck in jour voman?" "What if you come so hard you make like, an ocean inside the bedroom?" The difference however, is that Prussia's just doing it for shits and giggles. Denmark wants me to actually attempt answering these. Also Prussia scribbled on all the diagrams a lot, labeling all the body parts with country names. The vag was labeled "Austria", by the way.

Babylon: why can't Guaken Academy be easy *continues with work*

Sweden = he understood everything in class, up until the point in which I discussed he female body. Not interested, nope.

Finland = he blushes at just about everything... And he tried to answer Denmark's dumb question.

Norway = he was pokerfaced the entire time, occasionally making sharky comments on Denmark's dumb questions.

Iceland = every time Denmark asked a question. He'd get a mental image image of it happening to him. Needless to say he was left disturbed after the lesson.

Babylon: god these nation teaching girl are easier

France = he was the student who'd ask me to demonstrate. "um, some of us learn better through practical excrises, non~?" England would always promptly tell him to shut up.

Spain = he already knew all of this before the class, so he spent the lesson laughing at Prussia and Denmark and rambling off irrelevant things to Romano.

• Romano = he wanted Spain to shut up so that he could hear what the fuck was going on in the lesson, goddammit, Prussia made fun of him when he said he wanted to be able to listen to the discussion though

• Hong Kong = he would keep asking Iceland what's he thinking about, because everyone and then, Iceland would look traumatized. It was all Denmark's fault.

Korea = he listened way too attentively for his own good and then he went on to declare that Sex originated in Korea and that everyone should go to him for tutorials, China scolded him on this.

Romania = he too, was an attentive listener. He's a good student, but he's also highly curious about things. Every now and then, he would chuckle to himself during the lesson. No one knew what the heck he was laughing about... Oh yes, and later on he approached Prussia with very imaginative answers to all of those stupid questions he had.

Switzerland = about halfway through the class, he found that I was not good enough and he took over the lesson. He shot down anyone who misbehaved during class... But eventually he decided it was a waste of time and left the class.

Austria = he blushed at certain moments during the lesson, usually when Prussia asked a stupid question. He did take down notes though and... To everyone's shock, he got the highest score on the test. Prussia made fun of him about this for a week.

Netherlands = he got a high score on that test too, even though he spent a great deal of the lesson thinking that everyone else was kind of a idiot.

Poland = he was very chill during this class, in fact. He spent most of it just gossiping away to Lithuania

Lithuania = he was trying to pay attention, but Poland's chatter made it difficult for him to catch anything

Estonia = he got the second highest score on the test. He took notes on his laptop and tried not to take too much notice of the other students. Sometimes he and Finland exchanged nervous glances.

Latvia = he understood the lesson very well, though Russia kept taking his notebook to copy notes at times. He refused to study the pictures closely.

Greece = he already knew everything, so he slept through the entire class!

Turkey = he took amusement at everyone else and then ended up copying the diagrams from the the onto Greece's face and arms while he was sleeping.

Canada = he was quite flustered, but he actually had a lot of questions to ask. Unfortunately, my sub for a.ka my Sister Sumer(yes she does fill in for me once and awhile) kept ignoring him in favor of listening to Prussia me Denmark's dumb questions.

Babylon: I hate this school 😓

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