Important Question

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Ciela: England?

England: what?

Ciela: you can see fairies right?

England: yea why?

Ciela: how come you can see fairies, troll, all that kinda shit yet, you can't see Canada even though you raised him long ago?

England: cuz they're real

Ciela: are you saying Canada's not really cuz I have a map right here if you need to look at it?

England: I never said he wasn't real

Ciela: but when I asked you how come you can see fairies, that kinda shit you said cuz they're real

England: w-well um

Ciela: so Canada's not really a country?

England: no he's a real country

Ciela: so why cant you notice him I mean Canada doesn't resemble America Canada's curl is longer with a curl at the end America's small Canada carries a polar bear America doesn't Canada's quiet America's loud and CANADA IS BIGGER COME ON MAN SERIOUSLY!!!!! *shoves photo of Canada and America in England's face*

England: *points to boy next to America* who's that again?

Ciela: ē.ē you're seriously going there bro?

England: for Ice cream

Ciela: *slams map on table* this is a map

England: what about it

Ciela: what is above America?

England: Greenland?

Ciela:..... I'm done *walks away*

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