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Setting: Guaken W Academy

Mrs. Iraq: little sister Iran

Iran: what?

Mrs. Phoenicia: i have reviewed your record with the students and... We have denoted you Homa Safavi Personification Of Iran you're now stripped of your teacher permit and now you're a student *hands Iran plaid skirt, black knee high stockings, long sleeve button up shirt and a polo sweater and school shoes* good luck

Mrs. Iraq: don't worry sister i'll take over your class *hugs Iran* you're sooo cute in the school uniform~~~

Iran: *gets changed in front of Iraq and Mrs. Phoenicia* WTF THIS SKIRT IS SO SHORT WHAT THE HELL MAN SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Sumer: it is not that bad Iran cuz, you can actually show your nice smooth legs~

Male!{Y/N}: i got-... Why is Iran dressed like a actually school girl?

Iran: because i can!

Male!{Y/N}: dont you girls think the skirt is a little-

Mrs. Phoenicia: *shoves Iran out of the teacher's lounge* sorry {M/N} you know her sometimes~

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