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A/N: this is me to knowing schools gunna start soon


Admin: *sodding* WHY CANT IT BE LONGER WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

England: what's wrong with her?

America: I told her she has 12 days left before school starts again maybe at lest two weeks

China: e_e great job you broke her aru

Malaysia: this is why you don't tell her America

Admin: *grossly sobbing*

Slovakia: jou'll be fine

Admin: *rolling around in own tears*

Slovenia: who broke her this time?

Singapore: is she alright?

Admin: *riding in a paddle boat on a lake of own tears* TIME YOU JERK I THOUGHT WE WE'RE FRIENDS ;/\;

Siberia: *swimming*

Scotland+Antarctica: *holding hands while on Ciela's boat*

Admin: *making hamster bedding on boats poop deck* FRUK LIFE ITSLEF, LIFE IS THE EMNENY, SCHOOL IS HATE, SCHOOL IS HELL

Canada: *saves Alaska and brings her on Boat* SOMEONE SAVE US

Prussia: ME ZE AWESOME PRUSSIA IS HERE TO SAVE *swallows water* *starts droning*

Hungary: PRUSSIA *jumps in after Prussia*

Denmark: *wearing a thong* *riding a wrecking ball* NORWAY LOVE ME

Norway: *swims away into sunset*

China: you an ass

Admin: *gets out TNT* I'LL BLOW IT UP *lights TNT* *paddles away*


Germany: *totally licht manly(girly) scream*

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