Not The Intended Use

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America: Now dudes and dudettes about the global-...

Liechtenstein: oh shiz oh siz a giant spider landed on me *gets spider off* big bruder!! Halp!

Switzerland: whats happened?

Liechtenstein: killing a massive spider with a dildo hold on *pulls out purple dildo*

England: haha

France: honhonhon~

Liechtenstein: *bends down to spider* yeah really *starts hitting spider repeatedly with dildo*

Honduras: *laughing ass off*

Hungary: hahaha

Prussia: kesesese

Liechtenstein: *still smacking spider* f*ck you spider *stops hitting spider cuz its dead* i can prove it *points to dildo* you hear that its vibrating ever so slightly

France: ?

Liechtenstein: Germany i killed a spider with this *shows Germany dildo*

Germany: 💢😤 vhy vould jou do zhat?

Liechtenstein: it was in my dress pocket

Prussia+Slovenia+Austria+Slovakia: hehe

Germany: Liechtenstein i didn't buy zhat for jou to smack spiders vith


Germany: knov vhat i bought it for, to shove it up jour god damn little girl vagina

Liechtenstein: i'm sorry

Germany: i vanted to give jou some god damn pleasure but instead, jou F*cking use it!

Everyone else: *laughing*

Germany: vhy did i spent 15 Deutsch marks on zhat!

Liechtenstein: you knew it landed on my head, so it was a emergency-..

Germany: vhat! A fucking vibrator landed on jour head!!

Liechtenstein: spider

England: Germany calm down

Germany: I DONT CARE

Romano: omg

Italy: hahaaha


Germany: * incoherent yelling*

Liechtenstein: *points to dead spider* it was him!!!


Austria: what the hell?!

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