Germany plays Slenderman

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Sardinia: ok Fratello is-a busy right-a now so-a I'm taking his-a channel for-a bit. Today we-a have Potato bastardo number-a one *points to Germany*. He's going-a to play-a this drunk-a so pardon-a his outbursts. The-a game is-a called F*cking slender the-a eight fricking pages-a.

Germany: I *hic* heard its *hic* scary as *hic* sh*t bro

Sardinia: that-a was my-a line bastard-a-...

Germany: Vhat zhe *hic* f*ck is it nigga! Vhat is jour *hic* objection now?

Sardinia: I can't-a wait till-a you pee-a your pants-a

Germany: Sardinia! Only *hic* a little girl like jou * vould be scared of *hic* a game like zhis!
Red: look who's playing slender the eight pages?

Sardinia: who-a in the-a hell let-a you in Rosso?

Red: hey I can't watch you play all I fudging want! *drinks a little of Germany's beer*

Sardinia: *sighs* I dont-a even care-a anymore, just-a sit down-a

Red: Germany the objective of this game is to collect all of the eight pages.

Sardinia: Don't-a forget, you-a must stay-a away from-a the jerk-a bastard Slender-a

Germany: nicht sh*t *hic* captain obvious... Your so *hic* damn helpful!!

Red: as Germany gets farther-...

Germany: I'm *hic* doing somezhing here!!!

Red+Sardinia: *start talking about random Youtubers*

Germany: shut *hic* up guys! *hic* I just found a *hic* page!
*1/8 pages*
Sardinia: *slow sarcastic clapping*

Germany: *turns light off* zhe f*ck *hic*

Red: *turns light back on* the light don't hit L!

Germany: vhy zhe hell is zhe music sound like little France's whispering gay stuff in my ears!?

Sardinia: just-a shut up-a

Red: as you collect more pages, the ambient music gets even worst.

Sardinia: Slender also-a become more-a hard to-a avoid

Germany: *keeps walking* (3x) f*ck

Sardinia: oh-a check the-a truck! *points at truck on screen*

Red: don't turn around

Germany: *starts towards truck*

Sardinia: god, your-a so screwed-a

Red: don't turn around he'll be behind you!

Germany: wait *hic it can catch y-...

*screen starts blurring*

Germany: AAHHHH *hic* HOLY SH*T!!!

Red+Germany: *start painking*

Sardinia: HOLD-A SHIFT (6x)

Germany: I'M TRYING (2x)

Red: WHATS GOING ON *drinks hold bottle*


Red: *delayed scream* AHHHH

Germany: I'M *Hic* HOLDING CAPS *hic* LOCK!!! *walks away from slender in the game*


Red: I told you Romano's laptop sucks!

Germany: it's not *hic* blurry anymore


Germany: vhy did zhat happen?!

Sardinia: cuz you-a stood still-...

Red: if you look up or stand still you get f*cked up

Sardinia: when-a slender gets-a close to you-...

Red: Romano's camera sucks d*ckkk like in marble Hornets

Germany: oh *hic* f*ck are ve being *hic* recordeD?

Sardinia: just-a shut up-a you have-a find the-a pages

Germany: vhere are zhe pages?


Germany: asss

Sardinia: e.e

Red: Turn Around(3x)

Sardinia: ok-a if you-a like me-a as your-a hostess leave-a it in-a the comments-a and well continue-a next chapter-a 😊

Red: and yes reading 50 shades of gray is a optional just leave who 2 nations that you would want to read it and we will make it happen.. *coughs* Five nights of Freddy

Sardinia: what-a was that-a?

Germany: I love *hic* playboy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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