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A/n: i read history and ww1 wasnt started by Germany it was Austria and Hungary *le gasp* ^u^ keep reading to find out their juicy secrets
*time period*
June 1912, 28

Serbia: *minding her own bussines*

Hungary: *stomps up to Serbia with Austria with her* THIS IS WAR

Serbia: wh-why?! I'm not doing anything! Austria back me up!

Austria: the woman has spoken

Serbia: ;/\; meh friends

{HA: if you didn't know, Russia was the first country to make an alliance with Serbia before ww1 started}

Russia: *breaks Serbia's house* prviet, Sebria~

Serbia: oh, its you... My window

Russia: dont worry my comrade! i will mobilize the troop dont need to worry comrade they'll fear are power *evil russia laugh*

Serbia: *hugs Russia* thanks~ how can i repay you?

Russia: become one, da?

Serbia: *nervous laugher* that's cute Russy

Hetalia announcer: in defense of his ally long haired burette ally Serbia{Beige colored skin}, kawaii Russia mobilized his troops.


Austria: *violently playing his violin*

Hungary: *Hungary aura with her hand clutched in a fist* fine if zhat Hazelish eyed shrimp d*cked f*ckshiticle vants to play it zhat way fine, i can play like zhat too *calls Germany* Prussia put vest on zhe line *tells Germany the happs*

Hetalia Announcer: after Germany declared war on Russia. The retaliation by Austria-Hungary, mostly Hungary against Serbia actived a series of military alliances that set off a sh*tty chain reaction of war declarations a crossed the continents, leading to the outbreak of the shitty war, ww1. Though Serbia did win 2 wars in a row.

{Battle of Cer)

Hungary: *laying on the ground in defeat*

Austria: *in the praying position* please dont murder me i have music to write!

Serbia: *dancing around<Like Russia did>* won <2x> you suck thats right

Russia: *gives Serbia a high five* ^J^

Hungary: i *hack, cough* vill return and *cough* i'll be zhe one... Dancing

{boy}Croatia: damn... It!

{Battle of Kolubara}

Axis: *laying down wounded and bloody*

Serbia: well, well, well it looks like we won again~

Hungary: *hack* damn...jou to *couch* hell

England: i don't just go to hell, i summon hell

Prussia: Hungary *hack* zhe... Is so *cough* unawesome

Russia: like you, da?

Serbia: *high fives Russia* perfectly played

Croatia: *knocked out*

Hetalia Announcer: Serbia made that the first allied vitory{America is in high respect of Serbia cuz of this} against the central power ect.... I'm to lazy to talk anymore so there.

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