Why the UK Family dont hang around the Ireland's on Saint Pattys anymore

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Scotland: *writing on paper* wait, Aye! Wales what day is it again?

Wales: um... 17th i think

Scotland: *puts pen down and turns head slowly* did ye just say... The seventeenth?

Wales: yeah, its the 17th...

England: shh! Are you all bloody insane! They'll hear yo-

N. Ireland: *burst in wear all green* Guess what day it is?!

Ireland: * burst in wear a off the shoulder blouse, clove print vest, leprechaun top-hat, irish tap shoes or Irish shoes with golden buckle on it, green painted nails, short skirt* SAINT PATRICK'S DAY PESEATS!!!!!

Scotland: ah sh*te not again...

N.Ireland+Ireland: *insane face* Hahahaha *runs out throwing four leaf clovers everywhere*

Wales: o.o we need the police...again

England: you think?

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