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• Singapore loves to cosplay as Fem!Ciel Phatomhive even though she fails at being strict, arrogant and shrewd, surprisingly though she can also get Greece to cosplay as Sebastian, turkey as Claude Faustu, Korea as Alois Trancy and Japan as Male!Elizabeth Midford(Japan fails worst than Singapore cuz his FRICKING KATANA!)
{Reasons why Singapore fails: 1. Laughs cuz Korea 2. Cant be bossy 3. Every time Greece has a cat she wants to pet it}
• Slovenia has never been camping before cuz Austria always had her stay inside practice violin until gaining her independence allowed her more freedom from Austria's strict bull but, she still does play her violin in spare time.
• Norway and Slovenia are masters on the violin and sometimes when they're alone have a violin playing contest.
• Sometimes the Italy brothers like to model for art students.
• Romano has low self esteem and has only told Honduras or Spain
• Singapore hates being called a state in Michigan so, she always carries an iPod to prove to people she is a country by looking herself up on google and of course it says "Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city-state(thats why people get it confused) and island country in Southeast Asia(this is the people are proven wrong). It lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is 137 kilometres north of the equator."
• America and England never go to clubs as a couple: instead they compete to see how many girls they can pick up. America hates to admit it, but, England always wins.

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